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Types of Hard Drives for Laptops in 2022 | Best Reviewed

No doubt, Solid-state drives offer exceptional performance.  However, when it comes to using SSDs for your laptop, you need to look for a hard drive that is capable of retrieving your data.  In this article, we will explore the different types of hard drives for laptops

Hard drives are considered as a permanent storage space for your laptop. Hard drives and RAM are not the same things. Both are entirely different from each other as the latter one is changeable, whereas the former is nonvolatile.

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Different types of laptop hard drives

  • SSDs

SSDs are nonvolatile. They work with flash memory. They are more reliable for storing data and can last for several years without losing your online data. SSDs have gone through several technological changes over the years. SSDs used to cost a lot and were relatively slow. Today, more advanced SSDs with NAND flash can cost a lot.

  • MHDs

IBM first launched MHDs during the mid-90s. As the name suggests, it is a type of SSD that requires certain mechanical parts to process data. Unlike SSD, MHD has been used as a permanent storage solution in traditional computers for years.

  • Hybrid Storage

Hybrid drives are another popular storage solution that work with flash storage and the total storage capacity available. The idea is to give your laptop a speed boost from the SSD with a traditional MHD’s cost-effective storage capacity.  

They are available in the following configurations:  

  1. Dual-Drive Hybrid  
  2. Solid-State Hybrid system
  • Dual-Drive Hybrid System:  

For these, the SSD and MHD are used separately in the laptop. Data placement takes place through automation of the OS and a logical device.

  • Solid-State Hybrid System:

In SSHS, the SSD and MHD are combined into a single unit.  Information placement and its optimization occur through the device  or via “hints” given by the OS.  

Which hard drive is best for laptop?

It does not matter which hard drive you use. You need to consider the type of laptop you use and the type of work you want to do with your laptop. The working of your SSHD solely depends on the amount of SSM used in the cache. 

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Important features of SSHD

Nearly, all SSHDs come with an 8GB cache. However, it’s comparatively quicker than those that come with a mechanical one.  Irrespective of the total storage space available, the functioning depends on a variety of different factors.

  • An SSHD is a more moderate option when compared to MHD and SSD.  It is more affordable and can elevate the performance of your laptop without bringing down the storage capacity. 
  • SSHD can be used by designers, digital artists, and pro gamers. If you need to access similar files regularly, then you can opt for an SSHD.
  • When using an SSHD, almost all functions are performed manually, including sending files to different drives.
  • When transferring an existing Program to another drive, you need to reinstall your program.
  • The benefits of hybrid storage won’t show instantly. Your system will gradually learn caching, and the speed will increase accordingly.  
  • If any drive malfunctions, the whole device will stop functioning.  
  • Retrieving files on SSHD is more complicated when compares with SSD or MHD.  
  • This technology has not been around for a long time. Therefore its reliability is questionable.

Important features of MHD

  • MHDs are very fragile. In case a magnet gets close to your laptop, your data on the drive can get corrupt. 
  • The process of retrieving data is slow, slow, and functions according to your processor’s processing speed.
  • The movable components create heat, which can damage your laptop.  
  • As a result of these mobile parts, MHDs can be more vulnerable to failure. In some cases, you can end up losing your important data.
  • SSDs are quick, reliable, and affordable. However, MHDs are cheaper to maintain.  If you store plenty of multimedia files on your laptop, then an HDD might be a better option.
  • HDDs are more popular as most laptops come with 1TB storage space.  However, you can go for MHD if you are on a restricted budget.  However, with MHD, you need to compromise with speed and accuracy.

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Important features of SSD

  • With SSDs, there are zero mobile parts. This means they are more durable. 
  • If you travel a lot and look for portability and durability, opt for SSDs as they don’t get damaged easily. 
  • SSDs can slow down with time. 
  • When compared with other hard drives for laptops, they are more robust and durable. 
  • With SSDs, it is possible to save all your files in less time. And your laptop won’t lose its battery life. 
  • SSDs are thinner and don’t make your computer heavy.

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