10 Best Seafood Boiler Pot | Top Rated Pots in 2022

A seafood boiler pot is large enough in size with strainers to make cooking seafood easy. As various coastal areas boast of a variety of seafood available in abundance, this brings great variations in cooking and preparing these dishes. 

Seafood served as salads, curries, fillings, starters or barbecued, helps improve immunity and reduce cholesterol. However, such dishes are enjoyed best when cooked easily with less inconvenience. And the right blend of spices and herbs are needed to let the flavor pop out. 

Seafood boiling pots are available in different sizes and depending on the amount of seafood you want to cook, you can choose the right accordingly. Ideally, it is recommended to invest in an entire boiler set, especially if you like to serve different varieties of seafood to your guests. This way, you can prepare different dishes simultaneously without any extra fuss. 

Whether it is fish, crab fitters, or temping lobsters, you can use these pots for boiling, steaming and frying. And the accessories that come with these boiler pots makes your job even more easy.

So, here are the best top seafood boilers that you can invest in:

10 Best Seafood Boiler Pot in 2022

1. Stark Deluxe 30 QT

Barton Deluxe 30 QT Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer Pot Boiling Lid Seafood...
  • Frying Your Turkey - Use the basket to deep fry chicken, fish or hush-puppies
  • steaming or boiling seafood, clams and vegetables. Use without basket to boil...
  • Smart Design, Consistent Results - The Set included poultry rack holds your bird...

This product is ideal for boiling your seafood, bird and veggies. This impressive boiling set includes a 30-qt aluminum pot and a steamer basket, allowing you to cook your seafood as well as steam your vegetables or chicken at the same time. 

What is more, this set is dual-functional. Yes, you can prepare fried chicken or turkey by using the steamer basket and complement your weekend buffet. This boiling kit comes with a sturdy rack with lifting hook to help with proper placement for frying your fowl with precision.

Not only can you boil your salmon and lobsters, but you can also remove the basket and use the boiling pot for making crab soup or fish stews as well. What makes this product a must-buy is its marinade syringe. You do not have to limit yourselves to boiling only, but you can fry the juiciest and spiciest of turkey, chicken or octopus, by using the marinade injector to prep your food. Create your secret family recipes and collect all those flavors into the injector. Induce mouth-watering flavors into your bird by injecting the marinade all over the meat and get succulent, tender chicken.  

The aluminum pot allows you to boil your seafood with perfection. This task is easily done by using the long cooking thermometer to help you get the required temperature of water or oil to prepare your seafood. You can easily clip it to the rim of your pot to boil or fry, ensuring golden and crispy fried delectable grub on your plates.

The silver kit is smartly crafted and looks visually pleasing. The aluminum pots give a professional look and make cooking enjoyable and hassle-free. The set comes with its LP hose with regulator, and a steel frame to be used as a stand when you cook outdoors. Be it a cookout in the backyard or at a beach, this rust free crawfish boil pot and burner stand holds your food securely to avoid tipping over and spillage of contents.

  • Comes with thermometer
  • Ideal for frying bird
  • LP hose and regulator
  • Best for outdoor cooking
  • Marinade injector included
  • Lacks wooden stir paddle
  • Lacks nickel-plated skimmer

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2. King Kooker 9013N

King Kooker 9013N Outdoor Jet Cooker Package-90qt Pot, One Size, Multi
  • King Kooker outdoor jet cooker package for all your seafood boiling needs. CSA...
  • 180,000 BTU double jet burner; 90 quart aluminum pot, punched basket and lid
  • Attachable heat shield

This outdoor seafood steamer set will make your house dinner parties the talk of the town. Now you can prepare shrimp cocktails and crab cakes in this seafood boiler pot like a pro. Allow this portable seafood boiler to prepare seafood by tenderly boiling all seafood. Use the 90 qt. aluminum pot of this unit to boil prawns or oysters and steam clams or salmon. 

This pot comes with a 12-inch tall double jet cooker, enabling you to prepare appetizers or main courses made from shrimps, lobsters, mussels or squids. The boiling pot can be used to prepare stews and gumbos too. As this boiling set is portable, not only does this grace your kitchen, but also helps you prepare meals for family cookouts in a jiffy. 

This set includes a crawfish boil pot and burner, helping you boil seafood within no time. It easily provides you with heat of 180,000 BTUs. As boiling seafood is essential to kill bacteria, you can boil all your clams and mussels to ensure safe and hygienic meals on your table. This boiling set also includes an LP hose fitted with adjustable regulator to ensure safety while cooking.

  • Convenient for using outdoors
  • Comes with steaming basket
  • Includes crawfish boil pot and burner
  • Ideal for boiling and frying
  • Listed LP hose included
  • Lacks cooking thermometer
  • Lacks stirring paddle

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3. Bayou Classic 4060

[“amazon box=”B0000BXHL4”]

This highly-durable seafood boiler set can help you prepare the best seafood for people you care about. Accomplish all your culinary ventures by investing in this seafood boiling unit. This seafood boiling kit is a must-have if you are health-conscious and are watching your waistline.

Did you know that most culinary experts consider seafood to be the most trickiest to prepare? This is because its preparation and boiling demands great precision. Over-boiling your seafood can result in toughening of meat. His will never allow your seasonings and herbs to seep into the meat, giving you bland and chewy meals. 

So, avoid such embarrassments in front of guests and invest in the outdoor seafood boiler pot. Bid farewell to your cooking woes and allow this product by Bayou to manage your boiling tasks. The sturdy boiling pot with riveted handles is easy to hold and shift around. This set displays strength plus durability.

As this set comes with a perforated steamer basket, you can come up with amazing seafood like lobsters or octopus as the main dish and prepare steamed veggies for the sides. Apart from veggies, you can also steam clams, mussels and chicken. 

By removing the steamer basket, you can use the seafood cooker to fry your fowl, seafood, corn or peanuts. Prepare potato chips in the pot to serve alongside your fish the classic way!  The multifunctional pot can be used to prepare gumbo, fish stews, chowder and prawn soups. You can also prepare pasta and come up with filling meals for lunch at home and pool parties in summers. 

This boiler pot saves the trouble of keeping lots of pots for different cooking purposes. This space-saving boiling set for seafood comes with a vented lid, simplifying your boiling tasks. You can also steam and simmer pasta and chicken with ease. 

  • Ideal for soups and stews
  • Perforated steamer basket
  • Comes with riveted handles
  • Best for deep frying and boiling
  • Industrial strength body
  • Handles get heated easily
  • Cannot use on induction range

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4. CONCORD Stainless Steel Stock Pot

CONCORD Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/Steamer Basket. Cookware great for...
  • Concord Stainless Steel Stockpot with Lid and Basket. Heavy Gauge
  • Includes Stainless Steel Stock Pot, Lid, and Basket
  • Stock pot and basket made from Commercial Quality Stainless Steel, Fully...

This seafood boiler set is exactly what you need if you usually cook in larger quantities. Be it jumbo prawns or lobsters, this is hands down the best crawfish boiler that can hold it all. As seafood can contain bacteria and other dirt, it is important to boil your seafood thoroughly to avoid food poisoning. If you are cooking on a larger scale, then this task can take up to 3 pots or more, depending on what you are cooking. Also, this means multiple errands of emptying the pot’s contents and refilling. In that case, this seafood boiler is the answer to your prayers. Save up your time and avoid a backache. This pot can cook for an army.

You can simplify your culinary tasks if you run a restaurant, work at a canteen or are into catering. This seafood cooker has a great capacity and can easily take care of your soups and stews. This pot can also be used to prepare pastas and noodles. Now you can feed huge crowds of people during lunch break at school or wedding functions. 

Also, That boiler pot is made of stainless steel of commercial strength with thick-gauge. So, you can cook for long hours in great quantities. The 80 qt. boiling pot is durable, fully polished, yet light in weight. Since this pot is light in weight, you can easily shift it around the kitchen yourself. In addition, you can also take it outdoors for cookouts or tailgate parties. However, it does not come with a burner or stand. 

This seafood boiler and steamer set comes with a perforated steamer basket. You can use it to steam leafy vegetables and roots to enjoy with your seafood. This basket allows you to boil seafood and steam veggies at the same time. Also, you can remove the basket and use the pot to deep-fry your bird, fish such as trout, or chips. You can serve crisp veggies as a side with your salmon or trout. 

This boiler set comes in handy when one needs to prepare crabs, mussels or octopus for many people. You can also complete your meals by using the outdoor seafood steamer as a fryer to fry vegetables, chicken or other seafood.

  • Useful for large quantities
  • Industrial strength
  • Comes with steamer basket
  • Lightweight
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Not for induction cooking
  • Thermometer not included

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5. All-Clad E9078064 Stainless Steel Multicooker

All-Clad Multicooker, 8 quart, Silver
  • Features taller sides that reduce evaporation for boiling, simmering, slow...
  • Made from stainless steel for solid durability and even heat distribution
  • Secured with riveted stainless steel handles and to prevent dropping or spilling

If you enjoy seafood and fish, crabs and mussels make up a large part of your diet, then this seafood boiler set is a must-have. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this seafood boiler is easy-to-clean and easy to store. Food does not stick easily to the pot and makes this set ideal for preparing pastas, curries and sauces for your weekend dinners. 

The boiling pot is highly durable and can last a lifetime. This 8 qt. pot comes with a stainless steel lid for added convenience. Also, this boiler unit is dishwasher safe. The set has one of the best crawfish boiler pot as it comes with thick aluminum base making sure that your food is evenly cooked. The best part is that you can use this pot on your induction stove as well! 

As this set comes with a perforated steamer basket, you can steam and boil food at the same time. This can allow you to save time and enjoy attending to your guests. By simply removing the steaming colander, you can use the multifunctional pot to cook seafood, stocks, soups, pasta, sauces and gravies. Also, you can use the pot as an outdoor seafood steamer for parties. in this way, you can cook your food to perfection and be the envy of your friends.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Pot for crabs
  • Works on induction stove
  • Stainless steel body
  • Handles become hot
  • Small size

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6. Bayou Classic 1000 100-Qt

Bayou Classic 1000 Handcrafted 100-qt Aluminum Bayou Boiler Features...
  • 99% pure, restaurant grade, heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Heavy-Duty Riveted Handles
  • Reinforced Boiling Basket w/ helper handle

This boiler for seafood is highly durable, made with industrial strength aluminum. It is a great addition to your kitchen utensils as it can easily take care of your seafood boiling. Not only does this unit boil your seafood, but you can also use it to cook pasta, soups, stews etc.

Now backyard parties can become all the more enjoyable, thanks to this seafood boiler. This set comes with a vented lid, so that you can cook and boil seafood and let the steam out. This is probably one of the best crawfish boiler to boil seafood, clams, mussels and crawfish in huge quantities. You can try out a variety of recipes from boiled crabs and fried lobsters to fish curries and chowder soup. You can also boil potatoes and corn to finish off your buffet. 

As this boiler pot has handles made of industrial-strength material, they make lifting the pot easy. The riveted handles make it strong enough to carry around even when full. This pot is ideal for cooking in bulk, and most suitable for cooks working at canteens, soup kitchens or caterers. It is best to prepare seafood for backyard cookouts or holiday entertainment. Boil your fish and crabs to perfection to enjoy tender meat and juicy fish.

  • Highly durable
  • Industrial strength material
  • Comes with boiler basket
  • Ideal for oysters and octopus
  • Lacks stirring paddle
  • Handles get heated easily

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7. Chard ASP30

Chard ASP30, Aluminum Perforated Safety Hanger, 30 Quart Stock Pot and...
  • Set includes Aluminum Pot, Perforated Strainer Pot Insert, Vented Lid and Safety...
  • 30 Quart Capacity No-Rust Aluminum Pot has easy grip Side Handles
  • Stock Pot: 15. 5 Inches Tall x 11. 75 Inch Diameter

This seafood boiler and steamer set is the solution to all you seafood prep problems. Never was boiling seafood for huge gatherings so easy. Now you can host dinner parties and invite as many guests as you please. Let the seafood boiler take care of all the kitchen tasks while you entertain your guests. 

The aluminum stock pot is of 30 Qt. and is accompanied with a strainer basket. The basket is perforated and is used for steaming clams and crabs when you are not feeling like boiling anything. If you are fond of cookouts and have a liking for seafood, this seafood boiler pot is a must-have in your kitchen. The pot is ideal for cooking in large quantities. You can feed a huge number of people in no time. The pot comes with a vented lid, allowing you to prepare stews, soups and boil seafood. 

The rust-proof pot has riveted handles for lifting easily, even when full. It is easy to clean and storage-friendly. You can use the rust-free pot to cook pastas, curries and gravies. You can even prepare stocks, stews and pasta for your tailgate parties. The seafood cooker is ideal for frying fowl by removing the colander. Many people use it outdoors to fry chicken or even a 15 lb turkey. The set includes a safety hanger with a pulling loop. You can pull out your steamer basket without burning your hands. Also, fry potato chips, corn and peanuts in the pot to complete your meals.

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal to fry poultry
  • Comes with safety hanger
  • Rust-free
  • Includes vented lid
  • Lacks long thermometer
  • Lacks mixing paddle

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8. King Kooker KK82SR

King Kooker KK82SR Ridged Stainless Steel Pot, 82-Quart
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel boiling pot with steam rim
  • Punched, stainless steel basket
  • Package Dimension : 48.26 centimeters L x 48.26 centimeters W x 52.324...

Do you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle? Are you religiously following nutritionists and lifestyle influencers who emphasize an increased intake of seafood? If the answer to all those questions is yes, then what are you waiting for? Get hold of this seafood boiler pot by King Kooker. This band has come with a winning product that allows you to boil seafood to perfection.

This minimalistic item is a must-have for those who prefer to invest in the best portable seafood boiler pot to keep cooking simple and easy. This item simply includes a pot made of stainless steel for better cooking results. The pot is made of durable material and can be used for cooking for long hours. Also, there is no fancy apparatus, burner or multiple pots. This set is designed for easy storage in the kitchen. It can be tucked away into a cabinet and will not take up much space. Moreover, this stainless steel crab boiler is easy to clean and your food will not stick to it.

The set comes with a colander to steam your clams, crabs and veggies. Remove the sturdy and use the pot to boil or fry seafood when you are not steaming anything. The pot can be easily used to prepare stews, gumbo, curries and even pasta. Create mouth-watering recipes and call your friends over for a hearty dinner.

  • Easy for storage
  • Low maintenance
  • Simplistic design
  • Suitable for feeding huge crowds
  • Lacks cooking thermometer
  • Is a bit expensive

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9. King Kooker KK100

King Kooker KK100 100-quart Aluminum Boiling Pot
  • Features durable side handles for reliable support and heavy duty aluminium...
  • Each one comes with its own lid and an aluminium punched basket for steaming,...
  • Three sizes available for all your outdoor cooking needs.

Have you ever invited family and friends over for a clambake or crawfish boil and not found enough pots to feed the crowd? If yes, then this seafood boiler pot is a must-have. This is an ideal investment if you are fond of seafood and want to spend less time in the kitchen. 

This durable 10 qt. pot is made of aluminum with industrial strength. It comes with a lid and perforated aluminum basket for steaming your lobsters or veggies. The handling gets easier with the durable and strong handles at either side. Even if the pot is full, you can easily shift it without fearing any breakage. The heavy base allows you to cook on high flame for long duration. You can use it indoors and outdoors easily. 

The pot has large capacity and is an ideal kitchen utensil to serve scrumptious prawns and tender salmon pate to more than fifty people at a time. This pot can help you achieve kitchen goals in less time. It is suitable for use in canteens, catering units and restaurants. If you plan to boil 30 lobsters and corn simultaneously, then this pot is just what you need.

What makes this seafood boiler a popular utensil is its versatility. You do not need multiple pots and crab boilers in your kitchen with this boiler at home. You can use it for frying, steaming and brewing too. Be it oysters, squid or crabs, you can boil or steam them as you wish. Remove the steamer basket and use the pot to prepare soups, stews or fry chicken and potatoes.     

So, if you plan to have a cookout in your backyard or have a tailgate party with buddies, will help you prepare a hearty meal to relish. You can boil shrimps, crawfish, steam veggies, fry corn and chips just by using this single boiler set.

  • Ideal for veggies and shrimps
  • Suitable for cooking indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with perforated basket
  • For brewing and boiling
  • Available in three sizes
  • Ideal for veggies and shrimps
  • Suitable for cooking indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with perforated basket
  • For brewing and boiling
  • Available in three sizes

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10. Bayou Classic 200

Bayou Classic 1200 120-qt Aluminum Bayou Boiler Features Heavy Duty...
  • 99% Pure, Restaurant Grade, Heavy-Gauge Aluminum
  • Heavy-Duty Riveted Handle
  • Reinforced Boiling Basket w/ Helper Handle

This is a winning model of seafood boiler set by Bayou. If you want to enjoy seafood with fiends but get worried about boiling all those lobsters in multiple shifts by using at least three pots, buy this product. This pot simplifies all boiling tasks to prepare seafood. If you want to host a crawfish boil or clambake in your backyard, this pot can easily feed over 50 guests. 

This pot has a great capacity and can feed lots of people at the same time. Free yourself from the hassle of cooking in multiple pots to prepare for events or parties. You can easily host dinners at home and enjoy freshly cooked seafood at home.  This pot can be used as a conventional seafood boiler and steamer to cook your lobsters and crabs to perfection, killing all kinds of bacteria. This will eliminate any chances of food contamination or food poisoning.

Not only can you boil fish and herrings in large quantities, but you can also use the pot for frying. This versatile crab boiler can be used without the colander to fry chicken or turkey. The pot can also be used to prepare mouth-watering sauces, gravies and pasta. You can also use this kit to boil and steam all kinds of veggies. Toss in some corn and sausages with your lobsters and add seasonings. Mash and stir contents with a wooden paddle to prepare a meal fit for a king. 

Now boiling large quantities of seafood and vegetables will be done in almost no time at all. As the pot is large and heavy, you may need a little help in moving it around. It can be easily used for indoor and outdoor cooking. The set does not include any burner or other accessories like a thermometer etc.

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor cooking
  • Comes with steamer basket
  • Simplistic design
  • Boils in large quantities
  • For commercial use
  • Lacks burner or other accessories
  • Not for induction stove

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What size pot do I need for a seafood boil?

The size depends on the amount of seafood you plan to cook. If you are planning to use it for parties and family dinners, then it is recommended to invest in a commercial boiler set.  

How do you make a seafood steam pot?

You can use any standard boiling pot to make a seafood steam pot. Place a bowl on a stand inside your pot to steam your seafood on medium to low heat.

What is a seafood boil called?

The term refers to various events where seafood is the highlight. It is cooked through various cooking techniques including boiling, steaming, frying and baking.

How big of a pot for a sack of crawfish?

An 80 to to100 quart pot or a 36’’ strainer and 8’’ bowl is ideal for preparing a sack of crawfish.

Are seafood boils bad for you?

It depends on your recipe and selection of spices that you are using. You can make changes in  your boil mix to keep it healthy, especially if you are suffering from obesity or other health related issues.


Getting the texture of seafood right is also highly critical. You cannot afford to overcook your seafood as it can get chewy and tough, especially shrimps. You need to be cautious when boiling seafood and use pots specially designed for cooking fish etc. That is why it is advisable to have specific utensils in your kitchen dedicated to boiling seafood. 

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