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Razer Blade 15 (2023) Review: We have a new winner!

The Razer Blade is one of the most promising laptop models of 2023 super as it comes in a thin body and an ergonomically-designed cooling system.

The Razer Blade 15 is not like your everyday budget laptop. It is going to be quite expensive as it is meant to satisfy the cravings of pro gamers.

Key Features and Specs of Razer Blade 15

Moreover, you don’t get to see such high-level specs and functionality in a laptop with such a light weight exterior. 

This laptop is equipped with the latest Core i7 processors with 8GB RAM that is customizable up to 16GB. 

The body comes in a matte aluminum body and boasts Razer’s iconic logo on the front. The bezels on the display are thin and on the top, you get a 720P built-in webcam. 

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The keyboard comes with Chiclet-style keys and on the lower part of it, you get two cooling fans to keep the laptop cool. Apart from that, you also get several air vents to regulate the airflow. 


Coming to the display of Razer Blade 15, you get a wide 1080p display. Despite the high price of the laptop, the display doesn’t offer 4K resolution but still, the visuals appear crisp and clear.

USB Ports

Coming to the ports that are available in Razer Blade 15, what the makers are offering in this mode is an interesting mix of multiple USB ports for connectivity. 

At a competitive price tag, what users are getting is a total of three USB Type-A and one USB Type C port for connectivity. 

Apart from that, this laptop also comes with an HDMI and a headphone jack. Moreover, there is a Kensington lock for security and a Thunderbolt 3 as well.

Keyboard Layout 

Coming to the keyboard, the laptop offers a stunning keyboard that is backlit with chiclet keys. The keys are smooth and responsive and are super comfortable to type with. They hardly make any annoying sounds and are sharp and quiet when you type with them. 

Therefore, this keyboard is a great device to work in quiet environments like libraries and classrooms where you don’t want to get embarrassed with your loud typing sounds. 

However, if the keys were deeper, then the overall typing experience would be even more convenient. Apart from that, since this is a gaming keyboard, you can easily change the default backlit settings. 

Nevertheless, the default RGB settings also look great on their own. 


Coming to the touchpad, it is super wide than a conventional one. This means that your fingers will stay safe and you don’t need to use an external mouse with your laptop. Due to the large size of the touchpad, you can easily do all your complex computing tasks without using any traditional mouse. 

Sound Quality 

The built-in speakers give you an immersive gaming experience with extra clarity and precision that’s synonymous with Razer Blade laptops. 

Even the slightest move made by your enemy will be audible so that you can easily take charge of your game and immediately plan for your next move. 

And you won’t need to wear any headsets as the sound is of surround sound quality. If you turn up the volume a bit, you can easily listen to your favorite tunes on your laptop with your friends. 


Moreover, the laptop gives you an option to change the sound profile as per your audio needs. Whether you are using your laptop in public, at work, or home, there is a different profile available for every occasion. 

For example, for playing games, you can go with a different setting and for listening to music you can opt for a new setting. You can go to the Dolby Atmos’ free application and set the audio accordingly. 

And if you don’t want to use the app or can’t access it for any reason, then the default settings are good for nearly all computing tasks including gaming and streaming movies online. 


Coming to the overall performance of Razer Blade 15, it runs on the latest i7 processors and the system is free from any noticeable jitters and lags. 

And the 8GB and 16GB RAM are perfect for downloading heavy gamers, installing lengthy apps, and storing important files and folders.

You get to do this without compromising on the processing speed of your system. Also, the data transfer speed doesn’t fail to impress.

Battery Life 

The battery isn’t the most prominent feature of this laptop. The charging is a bit long and it doesn’t last for a good amount of time on a single charge. 

The battery doesn’t last for more than 5 hours which is something you don’t want in a gaming laptop. Therefore, to make the most out of this laptop, you need to use it while plugging in the power cord in a socket. 

However, if you are planning to use it mostly on your gaming or work desk, then the limited battery life won’t be much of an issue. 

But, if you are planning to use it while traveling, then you might want to keep a portable charger with you at all times. 

Apart from that, the 720P built-in webcam is perfect for making day to day video calls on Skype for work-related meetings.

To Wrap Up

Despite being one of the best gaming laptops to use in 2023, there are several ways this model can disappoint you a bit. For example, the metal body can overheat easily. However, the efficient cooling system still managed to keep the metal body cool during long gameplays. 

All in all, the full backlit keyboard and sturdy built quality are probably some of the strongest features of this multifunctional gaming laptop. Just any other laptop, Razer Blade is expected to come with other variants with different specs for those who cannot afford its base model. 

However, for more updates for your favorite gaming laptops, keep an eye on this section as we share the pros and cons of all the latest laptops for you.