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HP Envy 14 Review & Specification: Is it worth buying?

The 2022 model HP Envy is a powerful laptop and is powered by 11th gen processors with a battery-run of over 15 hours.

Before we dive into the pros, cons and features of HP’s Envy 14, let’s look at its key specs first:

HP Envy 14 Specs:

  • Processors: Intel Core i5 processor 
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Storage: 256GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1650
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Connectivity: HDMI, Thunderbolt 4,  USB Type A
  • Built-in Camera: 720P
  • Weight: 1.588 kilograms

The latest version of Envy 14 is HP’s answer to Apple’s MacBook Pro with an M1 chipset. It is equipped with Intel’s latest 11th Gen Core i5 processor, and a stunning 14-inch HD display with a super thin-bezel design. 

HP’s 2022 model of Envy 14 was officially announced at the 2022 CES and is available at a price tag of $999. The screen is its key feature that comes with Enhanced Lighting to adjust the lighting during online calls. 

Just like Apple’s AirDrop, here, the makers offer QuickDrop for instant transfer of files from one device to another.

The only thing that the makers didn’t give much attention to is the weight of the laptop. As 2022, is all about sleek and portable laptops, the HP 14 comes in a relatively bulky body. 

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However, in return for the heavy body, you get a wide 14-inch display, with a touchscreen.


Its panel features color calibration with color accuracy and you can adjust the default display settings using HP’s Display software. Based on your needs, you can either pick the Native or Auto Color option.

With remote workers using collaborative tools like Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet. Just like other leading brands, HP has given much attention to the audio or visual quality of the laptop for virtual calls. Envy 14 also comes with short keys for the camera and microphone for added privacy.

The built in camera’s resolution isn’t 1080P which is going to be a major setback for the majority of users but the Enhanced light which comes with the display makes up for the 720P resolution.

Apart from that, it comes with a special AI feature to detect human noises and eliminate them from the background.

Storage and Memory 

The latest HP Envy comes with 16GB of memory and is powered by GTX 1650 and 256GB SSD.

The overall performance of the laptop is further elevated from the IR sensor to adjust the Control modes. 

Its cooling architecture comprises of two separate fans and pipes to boost the airflow.

Battery Performance 

The battery life is pretty promising as the makers claim it to last more than 15 hours, however, when you use it for day to day computing tasks, it consumes more than 60% of the total battery charge. 

Therefore, the battery can only last for 10-12 hours when you use it as your primary laptop for work, school, or home.

For Windows users, this laptop is a sheer blessing. Those who don’t want to switch from Windows to iOS can have all the good stuff of Mac Book pro in their HP Envy. 

Moreover, you get a better display, powerful battery, and touchscreen in a single device. Plus, making video calls is a breeze, thanks to the additional features that come with the built in cam.

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Previously, HP came up with Envy 15  with RTX 2060 GPU. And in 2022, it has launched a more affordable variant Envy 14 that is powered with NVIDIA graphics. 

Despite the bulky exterior, the makers market it as a more portable and travel friendly variant of the Envy 15.

Still, there are few options for upgrading the system which can be a major letdown for some. 

The IPS display offers 400 nits for brightness and color accuracy is not going to be an issue here. 


For wireless connectivity, it comes with  Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. Coming to connectivity options, it offers a single Thunderbolt 4, and two USB Type-A, and a dual audio microphone jack. 

With HP introducing various products in 2022, including displays and peripherals. The best product out of those is the 2022 version of its Envy series. 

From the display to the graphics and battery, everything is on point.


The price of the laptop, however, lies somewhere in between a budget and a premium laptop. It isn’t too cheap but not as expensive as other premium HP models that were launched last year.

This laptop mainly caters to freelancers who wish to have a laptop that they can use while traveling and isn’t too expensive as well.

USP of Envy 14

The display being its key features easily qualifies for gaming, editing, digital art, live streaming, and day trading. 

Since this is meant for freelancers, it comes with neutral specs and functionality and isn’t targeted towards a certain group of people such as gamers or illustrators.


The system stays cool and doesn’t heat up instantly, thanks to the effective thermal system. The dual fans keep the base of the laptop cool as the air keeps flowing from its vents. 

Apart from the processors and the graphics, the 16 GB memory and options for SSD storage keeps the processing speed at optimum levels.


Coming to the exterior of the laptop, it comes in a premium metallic finish body, and the makers have tried to keep the design as simple as possible.  It looks compact and sleek despite the extra weight of the laptop.

The Chiclet-style keyboard with a clear trackpad is smooth and responsive. The built in speakers are situated on top of the keyboard where the sound comes from the openings given on top of it.

Final Thoughts 

As of now, this laptop is only available in the base model with 16 GB RAM. However, it is expected to come with different variants in the coming months. For that, you have to keep an eye on this space as we will be keeping you updated on that.

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