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How to go Into incognito Mode on Chromebook in 2022

An incognito option allows users to use the web anonymously. If you are a chrome book user and wondering how to go into incognito mode on chromebook, then in this article, we will tell you all the necessary steps in detail that are required to use the internet in complete privacy and confidentiality through the incognito mode. 

You can use incognito mode on your laptop and smart devices to avoid Chrome from storing your search history. You can also change between your incognito or regular windows simultaneously. Your search history will only be hidden as long as you’re browsing through the incognito mode. 

Therefore, if you search for any confidential information and want that information not to be stored in your search history, then you need to opt for the incognito mode. Going into incognito mode, however, does not secure your search history from your internet provider. 

Nevertheless , whenever a person uses your laptop or goes into your search history and cache files, he won’t be able to view anything. Incognito window is one such option that restricts your browser from storing your search history. 

Therefore, whenever you see any website or download any files, movies, and images, the site cookies won’t load on your system. 

Incognito mode on your Chrome book is one such option where a separate window opens and you can freely download confidential files and folders online in complete privacy and security. Your Chrome browser won’t record the data on your history tab.

As mentioned earlier, you can alternatively use regular and incognito mode without closing any windows. Once you have opened a regular window, all your search history will be recorded and saved until you delete it manually from your chrome book. 

Once you have switched into incognito mode, your browser won’t store any browsing history, site cookies or data along with any information which you may have entered online. Only the files that you have either downloaded or saved on an external storage device will be visible . 

While using an incognito mode on your chrome book, your search history won’t be concealed from the owners of the sites you view or your internet providing company. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful at all times, especially while using the incognito window on your Chrome book.

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List of Users That Can Access Your Search History

While using the incognito mode on your chrome book, your browser will only be able to protect your site activities. And it can not restrict other people from accessing your search history. The following people that are listed below can still access your search history even if you are using the internet under incognito mode on your chrome book.

  • Your internet provider
  • Your boss or employer in case you are using a chrome book that was given to you by the organization you work for 
  • The authorized owners of websites that you view in incognito mode 

When is Incognito Mode Unavailable?  

For all chrome book users who want to use the internet through the incognito mode, it is imperative to understand that the incognito option is only available under some specific circumstances. For example, the incognito mode can not be accessed by chrome book users if their account belongs to the Family Mode.

Therefore, to ensure that your system is capable of handling the incognito mode, you need to go through the following steps:

Step 1. First, you need to open your Chrome browser.

Step 2. Secondly, you need to go into the upper right side of your screen and click More.

Step 3. Next, you need to open a separate Incognito Window.

Step 4. Finally, a new incognito window would pop up on your screen. You need to click on to a gray-colored incognito icon.

While following the steps listed above, you can opt for another method that is an alternative to the one mentioned above. Instead of following these four steps, you can opt for a keyboard shortcut method for going into the incognito mode. You can Press CTRL  SHIFT  N for Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS and   SHIFT  N for Mac.

How to Exit From the Incognito Window  

The incognito mode works through another window that is separate from other windows that you use for regular searches and downloads. If you want to close the incognito window and use the internet normally by switching on to regular browsing windows, you need to follow through the following steps to exit from the incognito option.

To exit from the incognito window, you need to tap on to the corner of every separate incognito tab and press the X.  Once you have closed all incognito Windows by pressing X, you need to re-open Chrome. To access all available apps, click on the square icon. Lastly, you can swipe left and right on your incognito window.

How to Make Changes in Your Browsing History in a Chromebook 

By using the incognito mode from your chrome book, you can make changes in your browsing history. This means that when you use your chrome book for viewing websites in incognito mode, you can remove information such as your search history, stored form entries, downloads, videos, etc. You can either remove some specific files or your entire history from your system. 

For this, you need to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1. Open the Chrome browser on your chrome book 

Step 2. On the upper right corner, tap on to More followed by More tools option. Next, click on Clear browsing history.

Step 3. Now a separate box will appear. You can select a specific period or delete everything from your search history.

Step 4. After choosing the data you want to delete, finally, press Clear Browsing History.

In case you use your google account on two or more devices, when you remove your browsing history from one device, the same information will be automatically removed from other devices as well after you sync these devices.