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How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop | Problem Solved !!

If you have recently brought a new laptop and its screen has turned pink, and you don’t know how to fix it, then in this post we will be discussing all the internal and external issues that may be causing the problem. 

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How to fix pink screen on laptop?

To fix your pink screen, all you need to do is follow ten simple steps that are listed below:

  1. Check if it’s a hardware or software based problem
  2. Check your software
  3. Connect your laptop to an external monitor
  4. Update preinstalled drivers and system software
  5. Delete unnecessary apps
  6. Check your hardware
  7. Replace your monitor
  8. Check the wires
  9. Clean your monitor from inside
  10. Reboot your laptop

If the pink screen is due to faulty software, then you only need to follow the first five steps mentioned in the list. 

However, if you are still experiencing the same issue, you can consider following all ten steps to fix your pink screen.

Now, let’s discuss these steps in detail.

Step No.1

Check if it’s a hardware or software-based problem

The reason for a faulty display might be due to a defect in the hardware or software of your laptop.

Step No.2

Check your software 

Since a software based problem is more likely to cause a pink screen, we recommend to check your software first.

Step No.3

Connect your laptop to an external monitor 

One of the easiest ways to figure out a software-based problem is by attaching your laptop to another monitor. 

If the screen of the external monitor is also pink, then the problem is in the software which you can quickly fix without getting any professional help or assistance.

Step No.4

Update preinstalled drivers and system software 

Firstly, update all preinstalled drivers as well as the default system software running in your laptop.

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Step No.5

Delete unnecessary apps 

We install many apps out of compulsion that we don’t use and leave it installed on our phones and laptops. 

It is a good practice to remove these apps even if you are not facing any display issues. 

Uninstall third-party apps and programs 

Third-party apps and programs can affect the overall performance of your system by slowing down its processing speed.

Therefore, the next thing you need to do is uninstall those unwanted apps and programs that are irrelevant and just taking up extra storage space of your laptop.

Hopefully, by the end of this step, your pink screen will be fixed. 

Step No. 6

Check your hardware 

If you connect your laptop to an external monitor and the display isn’t pink, then the problem is in the hardware of your laptop.

Get professional help 

For any hardware-based problem, it is recommended to get it fixed professionally, especially if you don’t have much knowledge and haven’t come across any similar issues before. 

Moreover, if your laptop comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, then your best bet is to give it to the company and have it fixed professionally.

However, if you have purchased a refurbished or a used laptop that does not come with a warranty, then to fix it, consider following these steps:

Step No.7

Replace your monitor 

Firstly, you need to understand that there can be single or multiple problems with the hardware of your laptop that may be causing your laptop screen to turn pink. 

Moreover, in most cases, these problems are easy to diagnose, but it may cost you a lot to fix it even if you don’t get it fixed from a professional.

Check if the monitor is broken or damaged. 

The first thing you need to check is whether or not your display is damaged. 

Exchange it with a new one 

If your screen is damaged, you need to replace it with a new one. 

However, as mentioned earlier, buying a new laptop monitor can be quite expensive, especially if you are using a high-end laptop. 

The cost varies on the brand and model of your laptop. However, if you are using a budget laptop, then the replacement parts won’t cost a lot.

Step No. 8

Check the wires 

If your screen isn’t damaged and still showing a pink display, then the problem may be with the wires inside your monitor frame.

These wires may be either damaged or not correctly attached with your laptop.

For this, you have to open your monitor and manually check every wire that’s inside. 

Replace damaged wires

If the wiring is damaged, you need to replace it with new wires which is not as expensive when compared to replacing the entire screen of your laptop. 

Fix loose wiring

If the wires are loose and not properly attached to your laptop, then all you need to do is fix these wires, and your laptop screen will be fixed.

Step No. 9

Clean your monitor from inside

If there is no problem with the wiring of your monitor screen, then another effective way to fix the pink screen on your laptop is by unscrewing your laptop and clean it thoroughly from inside. 

You need to clean all the internal components of your laptop. You can either clean it using an electric blower or do it manually with a cleaning brush. 

Make sure that no dust particles remain inside your laptop. Hopefully, this will fix your display and also improve the overall functioning of your laptop. 

Step No. 10

Reboot your laptop

Another quick fix for pink screens is to reboot the laptop. 

If nothing works and you don’t want to get professional help, then you can consider restarting your system. 

To sum up 

Working on a blur or pink screen can be harmful to your eyes and can damage your vision if you use such a monitor for prolonged periods. Therefore, it is better to have it fixed as soon as you can and in the meantime, avoid using your laptop, especially if you have weak eyesight.

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