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How to Find Mac Address in my Computer | 2022

There is no doubt that Chromebooks are affordable and versatile and are meant to be used outside through wireless networks and public networks. If you use a Chromebook yourself, it is crucial to know how to find Chromebook Mac address and to turn on the WiFi on your Chromebook. In most cases, Chromebooks come with internal network cards for using WiFi. Moreover, the Chrome operating system makes using WiFi networks much more accessible.

How to check for a WiFi network

The first thing you need to do for connecting your Chromebook to a nearby WiFi network is to look for open and secure networks. On selecting a free WiFi, choose Connect. You’ll get a status once you’re connected. 

Choosing a secured connection

Suppose you have selected a secured connection, press Configure. A new network configuration will appear, showing the chosen network name. You will find the network type and a space to type the required password. 

If your desired network is a personal network or one that you use on a regular basis, then select the option for getting automatically connected to your network and make it your preferred WiFi network. Your Chromebook will automatically detect and connect to your preferred network. 

Choosing a corporate connection 

When connecting your Chromebook to a commercial internet connection where it uses customized DNS server ids, then you need to make some changes beforehand in order to get connected. First, turn on the Chromebook’s settings and select the option of a network. In its dropdown, select name servers. Within that, click on the customized server-id option. After that, enter your specific DNS server name allocated to you. 

Accessing private or hidden networks 

In case the WiFi connection is a private or hidden network. To access the WiFi connection, you need to first ask for the network id from the administrator. Next, check Network settings, tap Add connection followed by Add WiFi

Inside the Join WiFi context menu, insert network name and security type along with the password given by the administrator. Lastly, click Connect, and your Chromebook will get connected to the private network. 

How to find Chromebook Mac address

At times, network administrators limit network access to avoid intruders and hackers from viewing private information available on the network. To access such networks, you should provide your device’s MAC address or IP details to your network administrator. If you are unable to trace your Chromebook’s MAC address, you need to follow the steps mentioned below :

Step 1: Since Chromebooks work on Chrome operating systems, you need to first log in to your Chromebook.

Step 2: At the lower right, click on time.

Step 3: Choose the desired WiFi network.

Step 4: On the upper part of the menu, select Information .

Step 5: Next, your Chromebook’s address will appear. It will be labeled as “WiFi.”

List of networks that are compatible with Chromebooks

  • Open or public networks where a password isn’t necessary to use the WiFi 
  • Secure or corporate networks with  Dynamic WEP, WPA-Enterprise, and WPA2. In most cases, WPA2 is considered safer than WEP or WPA for Chromebooks.

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