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How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI | Gamer Guides 2022

It is great fun to play your favorite PS4 games on a laptop instead of a large screen. It makes it easy to take the game anywhere we like, even in the comfort of our bedroom or even outdoors. The quality of the graphics is exceptional and offers hours of fun and leisure.

The PS4 is expanding all the time with new games coming in, which makes playing on a home laptop all the more convenient. However, connecting your PS4 to your laptop is not a one-step operation. There is a process that needs to be followed.

The reason for this is the unidirectional nature of the HDMI, which allows it to receive input or generate output one at a time. You need to make it capable of sending both input and output at the same time. A few simple steps are required to pull this through. 

This article talks about some of the specific settings that you need to make this smooth transition. These small steps will allow the laptop to display the gameplay efficiently with a high quality of output that will increase your gaming experience.

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How to Connect PS4 to Laptop with HDMI | Step by Step Guides

Step 1: Note your functional requirements

There are some basic things that you need to connect your PS4 to your laptop. These are listed below:

  • PS4 
  • A laptop
  • Dual-functioning HDMI
  • Remote controller (dual shock)
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • USB cable (preferably micro)

You may need a few additional tools, especially if you want to run high-quality sound on your laptop. Still, your standard laptop settings should work fine if you simply set them to the maximum settings. The most important thing is to get a dual-mode HDMI since that is critical for playing PS4 on the laptop.

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Step 2: Understand your ports

Your laptop features various kinds of ports, with more advanced models having some unique ports with specific functions. For our purpose, we need to look at the HDMI ports, which is mainly used for transmitting uncompressed video and audio files.

It is a more advanced technology than the previous VGA and DVI format. It gives a more engaging gaming experience on the PS4. Along with a VGA, it allows you to connect your PS4 for the same experience on the laptop as you enjoyed with the LCD.

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Step 3: Enable file sharing

The first thing you need to do is to activate file sharing on your system. Here is how to do this:

  • On your PS4 menu, select Settings
  • Then scroll down to select Network Settings
  • From the given options, choose Internet Connection Settings
  • Out of the different devices, choose your router

Step 4: Connect your devices

Once file sharing is enabled, you can now connect the various devices to your laptop.

  • Connect the video capture card through the laptop USB
  • Next, connect the gaming console to the video capture card
  • In this step, connect the HDMI-IN card and the HDMI-OUT card
  • Activate application software
  • Locate the connection for PS4 on your screen
  • Adjust the display resolution to your desired level

Your system is now fitted with the required devices and is ready for reconfiguration.

Step 5: Configuration for game streaming

In this step, you need to adjust the quality of the sound and picture to get the best experience of PS4 gaming from your laptop. This is a crucial step because the PS4 console is initially designed for a TV gaming experience and not for a laptop.

By configuring it, you can ensure that your laptop screen and ports are capable of handling the input and output requirements for your game. Each laptop has one exclusive input HDMI port into which you can plug your console cable

You can also use this to connect to the Remote Play feature offered by Sony to play PS4 games on your laptop. This would make the immersive gaming possible on your laptop.

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Step 6: Activate Sony Remote Play

In this step, you should access and activate the Remote Play feature offered by Sony. This will enable you to online stream your game. Follow these steps to complete this task:

  • Install the most recent edition of the Remote Play application
  • Start the streaming of the gameplay on the laptop
  • Run the installer on your laptop

Step 7: Connect the laptop and PS4

You are now nearly there. Follow these steps to complete the connection:

  • Select Settings and then PlayStation Network
  • Select Account Management
  • Click on Activate as Primary PS4
  • If necessary, select the update option

Step 8: Activate the PS4

Now you need to activate PS4 after it has been installed on your laptop:

  • Select Remote Play in the PS4 settings
  • Enable access to the Remote Play feature
  • Initiate rest mode by selecting Power Save from the access settings and then clicking on Rest mode features
  • Activate the Remote Play application on the laptop
  • Select the resolution that you want on your Remote Play interface. The ideal resolution is 1080p, or you could also go for 720p.
  • Connect your DUALSHOCK 4 controller through the USB cord
  • Connect your laptop to a USB adaptor and pair the controller as well.

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Step 9: Start playing

A few steps remain before you can begin to enjoy your PS4 games on your laptop. This last set of actions will bring you right to your favorite PS4 game.

  • Go to your Remote Play feature and press Start
  • Enter your id and password details to log in to the PlayStation community
  • Press Start again
  • Wait until the app scans the network for your PS4 device
  • Once connected, go to the home page on your PS4
  • Choose any game you want to play

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Even though there are a few steps involved in this process, there is a lot of benefit in following them to enjoy PS4 games on your laptop. You won’t need a huge screen, and you will be able to carry your game anywhere you want to.

You will enjoy hours of fun sitting on your desk, dining table, or even on your bed playing one exciting game after another.

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