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How do i Lock and Unlock the FN Key | 100% Working Method

The Fn or function key on your keyboard helps to perform various functions instantly without using the settings option. This function helps save time. However, many laptop users, especially those who have recently switched from conventional PCs to laptops, can find it quite hard to operate the functions keys. In case you are wondering how do I lock and unlock the fn key, in this article, we will also discuss all the pros, cons, and features you need to know regarding the Fn key.

Ideally, the function key is available on the keyboards of modern laptops. The Fn key is mostly situated near the lower part of the keyboard next to the Control, Alt, or Windows keys. With the same Function key, it is possible to activate another control options of your keyboard such as the Shift and AltGr key. 

However, bear in mind that these functions may vary based on the brand of your laptop. Similarly, it also depends on the model of your laptop. You may be either using a new or an existing model. And the use of the Fn key may vary accordingly.

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How to lock fn key

At times, the function key gets automatically activated and locked. As a result, you won’t be able to access other functions of your F-keys. To deactivate the Fn-lock, you need to try different combinations as there is no single combination that works on all laptop models. 

The following are some popular tips to deactivate the function key.

Protip 1: If you are unable to find a Num key, you can opt for various other combinations by using the Ins key. 

Protip 2: If you end up using all the available combinations and don’t get the desired results, you can opt to resolve the problem manually by using SharpKeys instead and use specific keys as a keystroke. 

Protip 3: If you are unable to diagnose the problem and unable to use the function keys, find any underlying problem that you need to address beforehand. In most cases, this problem arises after rebooting or upgrading your device.  

Protip 4: Visit your laptop’s official website to install the required drivers with your current laptop or operating system. Once you have set up the drivers, the function keys will start functioning again.

Protip 5: While using a separate keyboard for function keys, set up the required drivers to overwrite you are built-in keyboard drivers to make sure all your keys function correctly. 

Pro tip 6: When connecting an external keyboard to your laptop without activating the function keys, it is still possible to access all operations that are performed by Fn keys. Apart from using the function key, you can press control + Alt + and F key simultaneously. 

When the original settings do not meet your desired requirements, using Fn Lock won’t give you the required results. Luckily, it is possible to modify these settings in almost all major laptop models. However, it is crucial to understand the reason behind your device’s delayed response while pressing a particular key. It may or may not occur due to an outdated processor.

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Tips on how to use function keys without pressing fn windows 10

On a conventional computer and, all settings are managed via BIOS or UEFI. For this, you need to reboot your computer and press the key given for opening BIOS and UEFI. In most cases, the keys used to enter into the BIOS or UEFI setup is either F2, F10, and Delete key. 

Protip 1: In case you are unable to find the right key for entering into the BIOS and UEFI setup, you can use the internet and fund out the exact model of your computer.  

Protip 2: Try to type words like “open BIOS” and “open UEFI.” 

Protip 3: Also, try to type in relevant setting information. Based on the model and operating system of your PC, these settings can be easily hidden. You can hide the software that is available to operate your keyboard or mouse. 

Protip 4: Try to find out the exact location of these programs. The part that is located near the start option. 

Protip 5: When you open the Mobility Center, an essential part of your system settings, try to search the default setting used in for the Fn keys. 

Protip 6: If you are unable to search the default settings, you can use the internet to look for the right model of your PC, default keyboard, or Fn Key Settings.

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How to lock and unlock the fn key HP laptop

You may simply enable action keys mode/ fn keys or disable them in HP laptop in the following way: 

  1. First, just press the arrow keys of right or left and open menu of System Configuration.
  2. Then, using the arrow keys of down or up, select the Action Keys Mode. 
  3. Next, upon pressing Enter key, you will get the options ‘Enabled’ and ‘Disabled’. 
  4. You can select either option by using either up arrow key or down key. 

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How to disable function key in Lenovo laptop

You may easily disable or lock function keys if using a Lenovo model laptop by following these steps:

  1. First, select control panel in settings.
  2. Select the option of keyboard properties.
  3. Then, open ‘Thinkpad F1-12 Keys’ by going to on tab.
  4. On legacy mode option, select ‘now’.
  5. Press Apply and click Ok.

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How to lock and unlock the fn key dell

You can lock and unlock Fn keys in Dell-model laptops in the following steps:

  1. You will find a Fn key in the bottom left of your Dell keyboard. You will find a ‘Windows’ key to its left. 
  2. While pressing the Fn key, press the key, “Num Lock”.
  3. This will unlock your Fn keys in Dell.