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How to Turn on a Gateway Laptop without the Power Button

Like all other items, laptops also start deteriorating or degrade over time.  So don’t be shocked if a component like a start button fails to work. I am here to assist you! 

It is hard to remember how to turn on a gateway laptop without a power button off the top of your head. But my article will show you how to go around this.

For further details, let’s move forward! You can use an external keyboard for Window-panes. Also, you can activate wake-on-LAN for Windows to switch on/off a laptop without using the start button. 

How to turn on a laptop without a power button? 

There will be many factors why your laptop won’t turn on after pressing the start button multiple times. In this case, you must determine that the problem is a hardware issue with the pushbutton.

I will go over some options to try below. If none of them succeed, there could be something else wrong with a system.

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Using an External Keyboard 

Most laptops feature an option that allows you to turn on your system using your keyboard. However, this is permanently deactivated by default. 

Due to the control knob malfunctioning, the customer or user should have known the risks. They can consider it by activating this functionality to guarantee that this approach is used.

How to enable an external keyboard to turn on the laptop? 

It would be helpful to open the BIOS configurations to permit an external keyboard to turn on the laptop. 

The following are the steps:

Phase 1 

During initialization, press F2 to access BIOS settings. When you turn on your system, you will see an opportunity to visit the extended panel using the “F2” or “DEL” keys.

Also, you can use the below method: 

During the launch, press F2 to access BIOS settings.

You may already have your laptop turned on. So, instead of restarting it to reach the BIOS settings just follow these steps:

Phase 2

  • Select “Settings” from the “Start” panel
  • After that, choose the option, Update, and Security 
  • Then go with the option on the left side and choose the Recovery 
  • Here are two sections for tab and select Restart Now below Advanced Setup 
  • A new window will appear on the screen 
  • Pick the Troubleshoot option 
  • Choose the Advanced Options after that

Phase 3

Click “Enter” on the “Power Management” or “ACPI Organization” tab.

Look for a setting called “Switch on By Keyboard” or “Activate on Keyboard” or something along those lines.

Phase 4 

After that, use the symbol + or – buttons to enable the option 

Phase 5 

After that, choose the preferred key to switch on the laptop. Now save it and end using the F10 key. 

After completing the preceding stages, the following way is to ensure that the settings are functional.

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Testing Phase 

  • Turn off the laptop’s operating system
  • When it’s turned off, hit the designated option to turn it back on

How to enable wake-on with BIOS 

Using the LAN function needs continuous BIOS enablement, just like waking up a laptop with a keyboard.

  1. First of all, you have to enter configurations using the F2 while starting
  2. If you want to see the option bar, you have to boot your system by pressing the F2 key or DEL key 

An alternative method is given below: 

Step 1 

  • Select BIOS setting by pressing F2 
  • Go towards the setting option from the start menu 
  • Select the Update and Security option 
  • Readout all the options in the Recovery 
  • Here will be a tab opened with two sections 
  • After that, choose the restart below the Advanced Setup
  • Here is a new window opened 
  • Select the Troubleshoot 
  • Pick the Advanced Options 

Step 2 

Press “Enter” on the “Power Management” or “ACPI Organization” tab

Step 3

Look for a setting called “Power On LAN” or “Wake On LAN” or something along those lines

Step 4

Activate the choice by pressing the “+” or “-” minus key

Step 5

To turn on the laptop, choose the desired key

Step 6

Press the F10 key to save and exit

Step 7 

Now choose the option of Allow this system to wake up 

Set-Up of the Network Card 

Step 1: Right-click the “Begin” button to select “Properties”

Step 2: Click “Device Manager” from the drop-down menu

Step 3: When the “Device Manager” menu appears, wait a few moments

Step 4: Keep an eye out for “Network adapters”

Step 5: Select the menu with the right-click menu

Step 6: Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu

Step 7: Select “Power Management” from the drop-down menu

Note: It is vital to remember that setting up the connection and wake-on LAN settings is dependent on your motherboard’s settings. 


It is the most common question to ask how to turn on a gateway laptop without the power button. So, I have written this article to provide all the possible ways to answer this question. You can read on! 

You can start your Mac by entering the clamshell configuration. Also, you can start it by using the external keyboard.

Your feedback can improve my content for future problems. So, don’t forget to share them!

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