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How to Enable Function Keys on Toshiba Laptop

Are you using the laptop of Toshiba brand and don’t know how to enable function keys on Toshiba Laptop? If yes, then you have picked the right option. This article will provide you the complete solution! 

Toshiba laptops come with a series of pre-programmed hot buttons or keyboard combos. These combinations enable you to modify the parameters on your computer quickly. These hotkeys are linked to the structure on the Toshiba keyboard.

I am going to let you know simple and easy ways to find the methods to enable keys! 

 What is the simple way to enable function keys? 

The task of enabling function keys on a Toshiba laptop is not complicated. It is as easy as you can manage it comfortably. So, there are a few easy actions to take. Let’s take a look at each one separately!

  • Step 1

To begin, you need to go to the menu bar and choose all programs. Then, from the drop-down menu, you have to select Toshiba. It will take you to the next tab in the navigation.

  • Step 2

After that, navigate to tools and then to the access panel.

  • Step 3 

After that, you have to switch on the “Fn” key choice from the accessible panel after you have accessed it. 

It will activate the “Fn” key, which will work in conjunction with other buttons ranging from F1 to F12. You can change the sequence of events and different settings linked to the “Fn” key there. 

After that, go ahead and click the Ok button.

  • Checking the keys

It is time to test whether the “Fn” key is functioning or not now that you have activated it. You can push the upper row’s lighting reduction button while holding the “Fn” keys. If the lighting dims, the key is functioning correctly, and the issue has been rectified. 

If the button still doesn’t work after activating it in the configuration, it could be a technical problem. In this case, you will need to change your laptop or computer system’s keypad.

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How to enable other keys? 

Toshiba laptops employ a consistent approach of additional “Toshiba Functions. You can access these functions by hitting any of these buttons while simultaneously holding the Toshiba Feature or “FN” key. 

Toshiba expands the additional feature concept beyond the physical buttons. In this way, it will allow other keys to perform several purposes.

  • F1

F1 opens the information box for that program or Windows in most working applications and systems. It includes Windows and all popular Browsers. You can secure your system on Toshiba keyboards by holding down the FN key and pressing F1.

You can only access it with your username and password. So, it’s an excellent thing to keep critical information safe when you need to take a break from your machine.

  • F2

By hitting F2 in Device Manager, you can modify folder names. You can change between your personalized Toshiba power usage methods by holding the FN key and pressing F2. You need to switch through your settings. After that, keep pressing F2 while holding the FN key. 

It is a quick approach to save electricity while preserving the features you require when your laptop is on charge.

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  • F3 

The search feature is launched by hitting F3 in Windows and most programs. These can be as Microsoft Word and all significant Web browsers. 

Holding FN and then pressing F3 initiates a low-power option. With this option, Toshiba refers to as Instant Standby. Most hardware switches off, but the computer continues, and your account remains launched. It enables you to restart entire operations immediately.

  • F4 

F4 has a wide range of applications. It moves your computer pointer to the search box. In this way, it opens the title bar drop-down list in most Operating systems and Windows Power-shell. It enables you to write a URL or search your recent surfing activity. 

It replicates your most current operation in Microsoft Word. If you hit F4 while holding FN, the laptop enters the “Hibernation” state. It transfers the session’s RAM to the USB disk and turns down the machine.

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This article has written explicitly for Toshiba laptop users. Therefore, to solve how to enable function keys on a Toshiba laptop, just read out this article. 

A list of memory stick alternatives appears on the top or bottom of the display whenever you hit the “Fn” key. Thus, you may either tap on the relevant card or press the corresponding key to implement the required configuration.

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