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Does Chromebook have Bluetooth in 2022| Best Answers

Nearly all Chromebooks are Bluetooth enabled which means that you can easily connect your  Bluetooth devices to your chrome book. The most popular Bluetooth devices includes microphones, keyboards, earphones, printers, etc. Bluetooth connection is something which is crucial for Chromebook users who want to customize their device. At times, users want to connect a separate keyboard or mouse with their Chrome book. In such cases, one can also opt for  wired USB, however, it can limit your mobility, especially if you want to carry it in your backpack.

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How to connect Bluetooth on your Chromebook

You can easily check whether your Chromebook is Bluetooth enabled or not by looking for a Bluetooth on or off Bluetooth icon on your menu. A Bluetooth device shows up in the notification area if it connects with your chrome book.

How to activate Bluetooth Device on Chrome OS

It is quite simple to activate your Bluetooth device on a Chromebook. To activate Bluetooth devices, tap on the bottom right side of your screen next to the battery status option. Next, you need to click on your settings submenu. Tap on Enable Bluetooth. Go through the written instructions to pair your Bluetooth devices. A notification panel is also given to instantly access Bluetooth connection and switch it on/off. 

Here, all Bluetooth devices that are within the range would show up on your chrome book’s dialog box. Next, Left-click any device that you wish to access, and tap on to Connect button. Within a few seconds, a notification will appear showing that your device has been successfully connected. Bear in mind that several devices, such as a keyboard, requires users to type a code to connect it with their system. The code shows up on their screens. In case, there is no option available to insert your passkey/ PIN code, try typing in the device’s code. If an automated passkey appears, click Accept. Your Bluetooth device will now show up in the screen’s Bluetooth notifications.

To confirm whether or not your device is successfully paired, try looking at the Bluetooth status panel. You will see a complete listed over there. In case you have never activated a Bluetooth on your Chromebook before, any nearby Bluetooth device that is activated within the required and is activated, can be automatically paired up.

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Steps to activate a Bluetooth Device

If your Chromebook supports wireless networks, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Tap on screen’s status area located on bottom right area of your screen. 

Step 2. Click on the Bluetooth menu and choose your Bluetooth connection.

Step 3. In case, a Bluetooth connection is disabled, tap on the disconnected option or “Enable Bluetooth” to activate it. Your device will now start screening for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 4. Chose the device that you want to access and click Connect.

Step 5. Next, go through the instructions that show up on your screen to activate your Bluetooth device. For devices such as a mouse, a code or PIN is not required. However, for some models, users are are required to enter a PIN. For keyboards,  you can insert the automated PIN code.

Which Bluetooth devices can be connected through Chrome OS?

In case your Chromebook supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can use it on various types of accessories such as:

  • Keyboards
  • Microphones 
  • Mouse
  • Speakers
  • Earphones

A lot of Chrome OS users usually prefer connecting their Bluetooth speakers or earphones to their Chromebook.

How to delete paired Bluetooth connection on Chromebook

To unpair any Bluetooth connection, go to Status Tray, options and click Bluetooth enabled following the Bluetooth setting option. In the Paired devices option, choose the device that you wish to unpair. Go to More options followed by the Remove option. Again, choose the paired Bluetooth device that you need to remove.

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Troubleshooting  Bluetooth connectivity issues 

In case you are experiencing any connectivity issues while connecting your chrome book with  a wireless device, try the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly, check whether or not  the Bluetooth device that you want to use is compatible with the Chrome OS

Step 2: Switch off your Bluetooth connection, and switch it on again

Step 3: Try restarting  your Chromebook

Syncing different accessories with Bluetooth on your chrome book is a quick and easy process. You need to ensure that your Bluetooth is switched on to allow your Chromebook to detect and pair the desired wireless device.

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