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Chromebook Pros and Cons | Some Advantages & Downside

Unlike laptops and tablets, chrome books are a newer concept. They are a hybrid of conventional laptops and tablets. They offer the versatility of laptops and the portability of smart devices such as tablets. Chromebooks can be used by businesses and students who want to stay on a budget or operate through the cloud. In this article, we will look at all the factors associated with Chromebook pros and cons. 

While planning to invest in a chrome book, you need to consider certain factors beforehand. You need to understand the nature of your work and the operating system that goes with your work’s nature. You can either opt for a Windows or Chrome OS.

Chromebook pros and cons

Is a Chromebook worth buying

Chromebooks don’t come with a lot of built-in apps, and you need to install them yourself. Also, most applications are available in their cloud versions for chrome books. However, bear in mind that Chromebooks are not supposed to be used offline. They are meant to be used online to share files and collaborate with your coworkers and clients online.

What is the difference between a Chromebook and a regular laptop?

Almost all operations are performed online and saved in the cloud. Therefore, you don’t require extra storage space or a powerful processor for a chrome book as everything is stored online. Due to this reason, many manufacturers end up making budget chrome books. This causes a lot of potential buyers to question the quality and performance of a chrome book.

Although many apps have been launched in recent times that can be used offline, many applications still require an internet connection to function correctly. Therefore, in areas where you don’t have access to the internet, you won’t be able to use most applications in your chrome book.

Chrome books come with their own sets of pros and cons. This article will be discussing both aspects in detail. First, we will explore the pros of using a chrome book.

Advantages of a Chromebook

  • Chrome books can help reduce your IT costs. They are less expensive than laptops, especially if you buy an entry-level chrome book. In chrome books, all your applications are automatically updated. Since everything works through the cloud, you don’t need to hire a technical team to install and update any software.  Moreover, you don’t need to back up your data manually as everything gets automatically saved in the cloud.
  • Chrome books are compatible with G Suite, which features apps that cover all your computing needs. You can create spreadsheets, send and receive emails, create files and presentations. To access the G Suite, you need to pay a nominal subscription fee, after which you can use cloud versions of various Microsoft Office programs.
  • With chrome books, your data becomes less vulnerable against viruses. However, you need to follow effective cloud safety practices to avoid these viruses. As all applications for chrome books are frequently updated and verified, there are fewer chances of your system to be hacked. This helps to save money that is otherwise spent on IT services for buying anti-virus programs. 
  • Chrome books are light and travel friendly. Despite being lightweight, they come with a sturdy exterior and are heat and cold resistant. They are portable and can easily slip into your backpack. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can use your chrome book anywhere and anytime.

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What is the downside to a Chromebook

Just like any other gadget or device, Chromebook also comes with a few downsides.

  • If you are used to working with preinstalled MS Office programs, then you might find it hard to use their cloud versions on a chrome book. For Chrome books, you need to either opt for cloud or web versions of Microsoft products. If you are running an organization and planning to switch to chrome books, you might need to invest a handful of money on training your employees on using cloud versions of Microsoft Office programs.
  • If you are a video editor or need to work on projects that require frequent use of multimedia files, then investing in a chrome book may not be the best idea.
  • Chromebooks don’t come with a massive processor, GPU, or storage space to store heavy multimedia files. Moreover, online versions of such software are not readily available online. However, for light editing tasks, you can still consider investing in a chrome book.
  • If you’re a pro gamer and looking for a chrome book for playing heavy gaming, then a regular Chromebook’s performance may disappoint you. You can only use Chromebooks to play casual games. Although you can play certain games on your chrome book, you need to play them at a low resolution to ensure the game’s smooth running.

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