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Can a Gaming PC be used for Video Editing? Best Answers 2022


Choosing the right equipment and software for any purpose, be it gaming, daily business operations, or video editing, is quite essential. In fact, the final results depend significantly on the performance of your PC.

 Can a gaming PC be used for video editing?

When it comes to selecting a computer for modern gaming or editing, it is possible to use the same system for both purposes. One of the main reasons why you can use a gaming computer for video editing is the fact that that gaming PCs can handle powerful graphics cards.

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Can a Gaming PC be used for Video Editing

Apart from having a powerful processor, you cannot ignore the GPU, especially if you are planning to be a professional video editor.

You can conveniently edit your videos by using any of the high-end gaming PCs available in the market. As gaming PCs are highly powered, they can easily support any video editing software without compromising the performance of your system.

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As gaming PCs are less expensive than ultrabooks and laptops used for gaming. It is possible to invest in a gaming PC and use it for editing without spending a lot of cash on constant upgrades or modifications.

Gaming PCs vs Gaming Laptops: Which is the best for editing videos?

Gaming PCs vs Gaming Laptops

Today, there are various types of gaming laptops available that are specially designed for professional gamers. However, using gaming PCs instead of laptops is a better option, especially if you want to use them for editing videos.

Gaming PCs offer more efficiency and computing power at a lower price. Although, there many cool gaming laptops out there for gamers that are equally good for video editing. However, a lot of people find these laptops to be too expensive.

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Moreover, the accessories required to use these laptops can be quite expensive as well. If people opt for more affordable laptops, then they have to compromise either on the features or image quality. It is something that cannot be overlooked in a computer if you want to use it for video editing.

Hardware requirements and specifications


If you are looking for a computer for editing videos, then the software that you plan to use is as crucial as the hardware of your system. If you are planning to buy a gaming PC for video editing, you need to consider the following key specifications in your PC:

  1. The processing power of your system
  2. RAM
  3. Graphics Card 
  4. Internal and external storage 

Checking the processing power of the system


The processing power is the backbone of any system. Whether you are using a laptop or a PC, the processing power is probably one of the first vital features that you look on a computer. However, when you are looking for a system for performing complex video editing, apart from the process,  you need to consider your use of GPU and graphic cards as well.

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If you want to achieve optimal performance out of your system, then try to go for the Intel’s higher-end processors for improved efficiency and performance.


The total amount and size of RAM installed in your PC are also crucial for performing heavy editing tasks. You need to opt for a system that is equipped with the maximum amount of storage capacity.

In most cases, you need to have at least 4GB of RAM. However, a better and more practical solution is to opt for an 8GB RAM for editing videos. This will save you from the painstaking job of upgrading your system memory from time to time.

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However, these two options work best for those users who don’t want to save large files on their computer systems. If you are planning to run complex games or editing software and applications on your computer, you need to opt for 16GB of RAM. This will prevent you from frequently getting your system changed or modified.

GPU and Graphics Card

GPU and Graphics Card

As mentioned earlier, having a high-level GPU is as crucial as having a heavy RAM or CPU installed. When selecting a system for video editing, you need to make sure that it can accommodate a powerful GPU.

Since, gaming PCs require a high-level GPU for getting a smooth and frictionless gaming experience. Therefore, it makes sense to use a gaming PC for running professional video editing software as well.

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Despite the fact that most experts strongly recommend using software for editing video content such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, etc. through the GPU connected with the Intel CPU. It is still advisable to upgrade your system with the latest GPU to get the best computing experience.

The most popular graphics cards used by professional editors are those offered by NVIDIA and AMS. These cards are designed, keeping in mind all the necessary features offered by mainstream editing software and applications. 

Storage Space 

There is no doubt that due to continuous technological advancements and upgrades in the digital world. The use of 1 TB solid-state drives (SSDs) has become quite common and affordable. Since SSDs are more advanced and quicker than HDDs, video editors can really benefit from the use of SSDs as they work really well with large media files.

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In fact, they work best for those who use PC regularly and don’t want to compromise on the efficiency or performance of your system. A high capacity SSD  helps users to manage large volumes of data more efficiently in less time than HDDs. Another great option is to use SSD and HDD together.

USB Ports

While editing videos, you are most likely to transfer large files from different gadgets into your computer. Moreover, you will need to store these files for further editing or modification. For this purpose, you will require a USB connector to quickly transfer and save large files.

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If you want to save time while transferring your files to your computer, it is better to avoid using USB 2.0 connectors. They are slower than the USB 3.0 and  3.1 ports. In fact, USB 3.1 ports are more fast and efficient than the standard 3.0 connectors.

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