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Review, Pros Cons, Analysis and more for the 7 display beast: Aurora 7

The Aurora 7 is a trendsetter when it comes to futuristic laptops with multiple screens. It is a 17.3-inch laptop and houses seven different screens to upgrade your gaming performance. The makers of Aurora 7 are still working to make it even more powerful and versatile for its users. 

The Aurora 7 is a money saving option 

It gives you the power of gigantic PCs and mobility of laptops and notebooks. Unlike millennials, Gen Z doesn’t have to blow up their savings on multiple gaming screens in a static congested computer set up. 

It is a one-stop solution for all your multimedia needs

Although this is out and out a laptop for programmers, it doesn’t mean that it caters to professionals only. For designers, editors and illustrators, the Aurora 7 is a one-stop solution for all their multimedia needs.

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It doesn’t require extra desktop space to fit

With seven different mobile screens, you best believe that limited space and budget is not a problem anymore. 

All screens come with a foldable design

Despite the unique body of this laptop, the screens of Aurora 7 are foldable. The main screen, however, remains open. 

You can turn it into a large single display 

There are different panels on the laptop through which you can transform these screens into a gigantic single display. 

The screens come with varied styles and orientations 

All the movable screens come in different dimensions and orientations. Some are in landscape mode, whereas some are vertical.

It’s quite heavy but the compact design is ideal for travelling 

The only disappointment with Aurora 7 is the overall weight of the laptop. Although, it doesn’t weigh a lot if you weigh each display individually.

However, the combined weight of all 7 screens is still a lot when compared with the weight of conventional laptops. 

Nevertheless, it is still more convenient to move than 7 different gaming screens

Aurora 7 promises various opportunities for customization

To give life to this laptop, the makers have used a Core i9 processor with Nvidia’s GTX 1060. Moreover, there is a lot of scope for upgrades, customization in terms of compatibility with RTX 3000 or AMD’s RX 6000.

Limited storage and memory is not a problem anymore! 

Coming to the storage and memory of Aurora 7, what you are essentially is 64GB memory with different options for multimedia storage. 

Aurora 7 comes with SSD and HDD formats for storage 

With this laptop, you are getting as much storage space as you get in heavy-duty gaming PCs.  Moreover, it supports both SSD and HDD formats for storage.

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The battery lasts for only two hours

Another downside that may disappoint many users is the battery life of this laptop. It’s pretty much a good portable laptop for moving out but not for daily traveling. 

What the makers claim is that the battery will last for approximately two hours. However, when we tested it out, the battery didn’t last that long. 

For lighter games and daily computing tasks, you can make the battery last a bit longer than 2 hours. 

Aurora 7 is an ideal option to use for day trading

For day trading, this laptop works exceptionally well. You can keep a track of stocks on multiple screens within the comfort of your home. You won’t have to dedicate an entire room for your day trading set up. All you need is a single laptop and you are good to go. 

Its price isn’t going to skyrocket 

The price is one of the blind spots of this laptop as of now. However, it is expected to have an affordable price considering that it is not offered by a mainstream but an emerging tech brand.

The main screen offers 4K display 

With the majority of laptop brands offering dual screens, Expanscape is currently ruling over the market with its 7 screen laptop. 

What we have learned so far from its prototype is that the display offers 4K resolution with two sets of screen available in portrait and landscape orientations. 

The remaining are standard 7-inch displays with 1920 x 1200 pixel format. You don’t have to set up any screens as they easily pull and fold back. 

It’s introductory price isn’t that high

If you go out in the market to buy seven display separately, you will realize that they are as expensive as other gaming gears and accessories. 

And naturally, this laptop should cost accordingly. However, much to our surprise, the prototype didn’t cost a lot for a laptop with 7 screens of different orientations and resolutions.

You can use Aurora 7 to manage your teams from home  

If you work for a company where you have to lead an entire team remotely, then this laptop will help you streamline your workplace at home. 

In offices, you have no restrictions as far as your workspace and budget are concerned. 

However, at home, you need to consider a lot of things beforehand. Also, you don’t need to get your workplace set up by professionals. 

Apart from gamers, this laptop also caters to researchers, lab scientists, and filmmakers that require two or more screens regularly.

It comes with two different batteries 

The chassis of this laptop is wide and it can work with nearly all sorts of platforms AMD’s Ryzen series. 

Coming to the battery of the laptop, it is powered with two different 82Wh and 148Wh batteries. 

One battery is for the display and the other one powers the system.

The Future of Aurora 7

The laptop still requires a lot of research and development to qualify as a commercial laptop. As of now, it is offering introductory models to those individuals and businesses who want to test them out. 

No matter how good or bad the base model performs, one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that multiple screens are the future of laptops. 

These type of laptops is what we will get to see a lot in near future. With time, they will be as quick and efficient as regular laptops. Likewise, it will be more portable and lightweight with more powerful specs and features.

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