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Asus vs Acer Laptops | Which Brand is Better & more Efficient in 2022


asus vs acerWhen it comes down to get your hands on the advanced technology, getting the value of each buck becomes essential. No matter if you are looking for the feature-loaded machines or the budget-friendly equipment, investment is your hard-earned money, and you have got to get the bang of your bucks. Today, the world has been revolutionized and the way people work has shifted to entirely new paradigms. One of the significant changes is the necessity of laptops for working. In other words, one needs to have a fully-functional laptop to strive on the job and path out of the career.

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Which Brand is Better! Asus vs Acer

Choosing the laptop can be a time-consuming and tedious process, given the plethora of available options, and all of them are jam-packed with features. In this article, we are comparing two laptop companies, Asus and Acer, to help you make a decision about which brand to opt for. It is needless to state that both brands are well-known in the industry and have been saturating the market with their advanced features. However, one can only choose if he’s aware of his needs. 

There are some big brands in the market which have the highest prices on the chart, but the output is at the chart’s bottom, which speaks volume about productivity. Whenever you are choosing the laptop, you need to stick with the design and technology you need rather than being brand-conscious. On top of design and technology, value, quality, and support are also vital consideration points. Asus and Acer both originate from Taiwan, but Acer has been playing the market for long as compared to Asus.

So, let’s carry on with the comparison aimed at helping you make a reasonable opinion and devise the decision accordingly!


Acer was first launched in 1976 with a brand name Multitech but fast-forwarding to 1987, it became Acer impregnating California as its corporate division from the United States of America. No doubt, Acer aces at developing the top-notch laptops, but they didn’t stop there. The company had put forward a myriad of technologies ranging from PC’s to monitors, projectors to solutions for businesses and government; they have branched out extensively.

The recent advancement has been made in the business sector as the company launched its services regarding the cloud services, and diversified manufacturing to wearables and smartphones. So, as we are going to cover the comparison parts, let’s dig in deeper into the Acer and if it has raised the bars as compared to Asus. We are pretty sure that Acer has some wow factors, but only the time will tell!


acer ComponentsNo matter which company’s laptop you take on and conduct reverse-engineering on it, the components will be more or less the same. Even in Acer and Asus, the components and their ranges are similar. However, in the case of Windows-compatible laptops, Acer is using the dual-core processors, which are pretty evident given the low pricing factors. It is not stated that dual-core is less efficient but it doesn’t match the efficiency of quad-core, which is a noticeable feature of Asus laptops

In regards to the display, qualities are somehow the same such as backlight, resolution, HD, and screen size. However, Acer has made an exception with the Predator laptop as it has a 21-inch curved display and advanced features like Tobii eye-tracking are available as well. 

Design & Product Variety

Acer DesignThis might be the biggest drawback of the Acer laptops as their outlook is very mediocre and portray a very crabby look. The designs are usually similar in all models and are pretty heavy to carry around. If the laptops are compared to tee similar models of Asus, Asus has really worked their way up on the designs while Acer looks heavier. To add some appealing, Acer has launched great color options, but still, it didn’t persuade the users because average designs have let them down already. 

Coming down to the product variety, Acer has devised multiple  ranges and models of laptops; no matter what your budget is, high or low, Acer has something developed aimed at aligning with your needs. The product variety includes Chromebooks, gaming consoles, and Windows laptops topped with the two in one machines which can be used as laptops as well as tablets. It’s safe to say Acer always have something for the users based on their needs and budget. 

Price & Support

Acer PriceAs we have already mentioned that Acer has a plethora of options in terms of laptops and other machinery, and all of them are designed to meet the needs of the people on budget. However, there are some costly options as well but will be topped with advanced feature to provide bang of the bucks. If we consider the price of Predator, a gaming laptop to other laptops in the market, the price is really peaked up and not everyone afford such laptop. 

If we look at the features of Predator, it surely has the Tobii eye-tracking technology instilled in the 21-inches curved screen which signals towards the high performance level of the viewing. Many gamers say that with the price of Predator, they can find themselves a laptop or a big TV screen along with the adapters to make it a gaming console of their dream!

As far as the support is concerned, there was a time when customer support service of Acer was exceptional but the times have changed. Acer might have the awards for top-notch technology and innovation, but the customers don’t seem to be pleased with the customer care. According to the customers, their queries aren’t answered correctly and they need to lodge a complaint multiple times to hear a reply once. 

Moreover, some users have also complained about the slow processing and operating, well, what can you expect from the dual-core processor? In addition, there have been complaints about fault parts which result in the ineffective and inefficient working of the machines leading to increase in the number of repairing requests. Well, this is really not what we would want to go through after spending our hard-earned money!


If we have to name one thing Acer is good it, we would that its ability to design and manufacture the timeless, sturdy, and robust devices which will work for life. All their models and machines are devised to ensure highest level of value of the money. 

The Topping Points

The most unique selling and topping point of Acer is its extensive range of products and have saturated each category they have developed. No matter what your budget is, they will have something for you in the pipeline or in the stores. Moreover, their sturdy and durable designs are one of the topping points. Many people complain about the aesthetics but the value, durability, and usage they provide in such low prices, one can’t really complain! 


Acer has won plethora of awards for the products. For instance, they have won Red Dot Design Award 2019 for C2 series, RGO, VGO, and VL7 Ultra HD series. Moreover, they have won iF Design Aware 2019 for ​Swift 7, Predator Triton 700, Predator Orion 9000, Aspire S 24, VGO, Predator X34, Predator X27, and Holo 360. In addition, they have also been recognized by the CES 2018 Innovations Honoree Awards & Taiwan Excellence 2018.

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asusThis company is a brainchild of four former hardware engineers of Acer who worked strong-headed to launch this company and their dream came true in 1989, right after two years when Acer got their brand name. This company has coined its title as the equipment manufacturers as multiple types of machinery use spare parts manufactured by Asus. In addition to the spare parts, this multinational company is manufacturing the computer and phone hardware in addition to the electronics.

ection, we have added everything you need to know about Asus to see which options is better. Have a look and make a decision!


asus componentWe have already mentioned that components used in every brand’s laptops will be somehow same but if we compare the parts of Asus to Acer, there are multitudes of differences such as Asus is installing the quad-core processors which leads to higher performance and effective working. They have installed quad-core processors even in the cheap laptops which is surely an impressive factor. 

Asus has launched its ever-famous ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop which has been integrated with the wide range of features topped with the innovative perks. These factors lead to the enhanced watch angles and Nvidia Max-Q GPU is added aimed at enhancing the graphics as well as the performance. 

Other than these components, all other components will be similar. However, the model you choose to invest plays an essential role in describing the range of components as well. 

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Design & Product Variety 

DesignUnlike Acer, Asus and its developers have invested time and efforts in making the laptop look simple, sturdy as well as stylish with a tint of minimalism to portray an overall elegant look. In most models, metal casings are used to make them look professional but can be used for personal use as well because a little bling doesn’t hurt anyone. 

However, the metal casings are prone to the scratches and marks and you will need to stay careful about that. In ROG Zephyrus, they have integrated the perks like sleekness and slim bodies to ensure you are able to ace and sport the laptop like perfection. As ROG is a gaming laptop, the design is pretty innovative because gaming laptops are usually heavy and bulky and they have changed the game!

Getting to the product variety, Asus has less number of models as compared to Acer but still they are able to meet the needs of user base perfectly as they have something for everyone. The product variety includes Chromebooks, gaming consoles, and Windows laptops topped with the two in one machines which can be used as laptops as well as tablets. Their gaming laptops are best in the market and according to the customer feedback, hardly anyone has an issue. 

Price & Support 

pricingTo meet the diverse needs of the users and their feature preferences, Asus has launched multiple products with diverse features to meet the budgetary needs of people. It is true that products range of Acer is higher but the impregnation of quad-core processor is really a plus for Asus. In other words, Asus is offering better and effective processing in same price range. 

When it comes to support, Asus is a little brother of Acer as the customer care support is sluggish and customers have been far from pleased. To get the basic support, customers need to go through the extensive registration process leading to frustration and exhaustion. On the call, the waiting times are prolonged and in the case of repairing, laptops are usually misplaced and customers are asked to pay the extra charges which are pure patriarchy. 

The Topping Points

The most topping factor of the Asus laptops is their appearance and how they look feel. The overall outlook of the laptop is high-end and classy even if you opted for the mediocre-ranged laptop. Moreover, the slim shape and high power are something Asus has aced leading to capturing the laptop users like never before. 


Over the years, Asus has managed to coin its name in the market, and with its top-notch products, they have won multiple awards, and most of them belong to the ROG range. They have put some great thinking into making the products, but their downfall starts with the poor customer support service, and people have been disappointed in them. 

The Bottom Line 

Neither Acer nor Asus can be named the perfect brand because they are offering an extensive range of products, and choosing one only depends on your budget and the processing that you prefer. Generalizing it by saying that Acer is for the people on budget while Asus can be a bit expensive, but performance is off the charts. So, what will be your final decision?

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