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Are ASUS Laptops good? Brand Overview & Buyer Questions

When you suggest your friend an ASUS laptop, the first question he’d ask would be “are Asus laptops good?” well if you are someone who’s reading this article with the same question in his mind, worry no more, we have got you covered. Let’s first discuss how ASUS came into being.

Are ASUS Laptops good?


ASUS is a Taiwan-based brand that started its manufacturing of computer hardware and other consumer electronics in 1989. After all these years, ASUS has built itself a worthy name and is also knows as the world’s number one motherboard and gaming brand. Additionally, ASUS is also recognized as one of the top vendors of notebook and laptop computers. It is known as Taiwan’s most valuable brand, and in 2015 and 2016, ASUS was recognized as the World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune magazine. Furthermore, this brand is famous for its high-quality manufacturing of products and bringing new and some of the most innovative ideas to light.

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Are ASUS laptops good?Another significant thing about this brand is the affordability of its products. ASUS has introduced a wide range of top-notch equipment at very reasonable prices. Additionally, other than just performance, ASUS also provides some of the most impressive and attractive designs of the laptops that not only perform well but also look very admirable. ASUS also provides laptops that can resist overheating the equipment in high temperatures and also run very quietly, without making any noise. Furthermore, ASUS was the brand that brought us the innovative technology like ScreenPad and ErgoLift hinge that has allowed for a whole new way of using our laptops. Asus  laptops are widely used in offices and it can be easily connected to a wireless printer which is pretty handy in office environment.


The world now recognizes ASUS for its two key advantages that have benefited ASUS a lot:


InnovativenessASUS came up with some of the incredibly innovative ideas and launched the new Screen Pad feature that allows a laptop’s touchpad to work as a secondary screen. Another vital feature that ASUS introduced was the ErgoLife hinge, which does more than one job. This fantastic new upgrade allows the user to adjust the laptop’s keyboard to his preferred typing position for a comfortable writing experience. Additionally, it also creates a slight space between the bottom of the laptop and the top of the surface where the laptop is placed, and this way, it ensures enhanced audio performance and quality as well as prevents overheating of the hardware. Isn’t that great?

Attractive designs

AttractiveAnother significant thing about ASUS is that it manufactures laptops and notebooks with incredibly impressive and gorgeous designs that help in making a fantastic impression on its potential users. 


While ASUS may have its strengths, it also has a flaw:

Unsatisfactory Support and Warranty


ASUS doesn’t provide a warranty that goes a long way, as well as its support team is also known for its unsatisfactory response. These things can cause a little inconvenience to its users, which is why it is better to know about everything beforehand before proceeding further. Additionally, if you are someone who prefers to invest in products that come with a long-term warranty and considers everything else secondary, then ASUS may not be a good option for you.


componentsWith the ongoing, high competition in the market, it is not easy to pick out one best laptop, because technology keeps evolving and the brands keep introducing new and better versions of their machines. Since we are talking about ASUS today, it is safe to say that every penny that you spend on the right ASUS laptop will be worth it. Furthermore, to make the right choice, it is also crucial to be aware of your requirements and then purchase a laptop that fulfills those requirements; otherwise, no laptop will ever be good enough. When it comes to its components, ASUS includes high-quality components that provide powerful performance; however, the laptop that you opt for would dictate the kind of hardware it is equipped with. 

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The difference of components is usually a critical point to consider when you are comparing two laptops of different brands, and only then can you choose the best one. ASUS laptops include components that work equally well to meet the requirements of all kinds of users, such as students, professionals, personal users, etc. Additionally, almost all ASUS laptops come with quad-core processors, which means even if you go for a mid-range laptop, you are likely to get a quad-core processor. The top-tier components of ASUS laptops ensure lightning-fast processing and super-smooth multitasking, and this is one of the many reasons why ASUS is also known for manufacturing the best gaming laptops.

ASUS is one of the brands that sell their laptops packed with powerful components, such as NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards that deliver vibrant and high-quality graphics for a satisfactory visual experience.

Other components that ASUS laptops include are:

  • Vapor chamber cooling system
  • NanoEdge technology
  • ScreenPad
  • ErgoLife hinge
  • LED displays
  • Intel i9 processors
  • 8-cell batteries
  • SSD
  • Sonic Master or Harman Kardon audio


The design of ASUS laptops is one of the many things that ASUS is really good at, and it has manufactured some of the most incredibly stunning laptops that catch your attention as soon as you set your eyes on them. Additionally, other than beauty, ASUS uses high-quality materials for the production of its laptops, and no matter the price range, all laptops are manufactured using the same expensive and high-quality materials. 

ASUS’s ZenBook series and ROG have some very impressive designs, and it has also lead them to win awards for it. In addition to their stylish designs, ASUS also introduced a fantastic and innovative feature known as the “ScreenPad” in the ZenBook Pro. The ScreenPad is a new type of touchpad on the laptop that also works as a secondary screen; it’s both – a touchpad and an interactive LCD multifunctional display. Furthermore, ASUS laptops are lightweight and have sleek designs with a minimalistic look that adds more to the sophistication of a laptop.

The Zephyrus (ROG Zephyrus S) is a series of laptops with fresh and more refined designs with two-toned metal lids. Moreover, these laptops also feature exhaust vents that prevent the system from overheating. 

Technical Support and Warranty

Technical-SupportRegarding ASUS’s technical and customer support, we have heard mixed reviews. The online technical support team has been really helpful at providing solutions to the customer’s problems and answering their questions. On the other hand, the tech support team on the phone has been known for putting the customers on hold for hours and showing unsatisfactory behavior. Furthermore, the tech support team on the phone isn’t very experienced in their own applications as well, and most of the time, give wrong answers to the customer’s questions. 

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Additionally, when you send your device for repair, you may have to pay for it. Each model comes with a different warranty period; however, ASUS offers its customers an extended battery warranty with every ASUS laptop. These warranties cover damage and defects to the machine caused by accidents, third-party viruses, natural disasters, and manufacturing defects. Moreover, if you send your laptop for repair, send it by recorded delivery so that you have a record of them receiving your laptop because several customers have complained that they lost their laptops or ASUS lost the whereabouts of their machines. This is irresponsible behavior, which is why some people call their customer care and technical support teams unprofessional and unsatisfactory.

Product Variety

Product-VarietyASUS offers a wide range of products that are manufactured from high-quality materials and feature impressive components for their fantastic performance. The laptops manufactured by ASUS can be used for various purposes and by various people. Whether you are looking for a laptop that helps you with your office work, school homework, or a laptop that could be your gaming buddy or partner in entertainment, such as movies and music, ASUS has got you covered. Furthermore, with their variety of laptops, ASUS keeps the new updates coming to keep your laptops up to date with the latest technologies in the market. If you love to explore and enjoy new experiences, ASUS is the answer.

The gaming laptops that ASUS manufactures are a work of art, and hence the first choice of the most gamers. These laptops satisfy the needs of gamers with new updates and high-quality and powerful components. Furthermore, the ROG series of ASUS gaming laptops have received some incredibly amazing reviews for their performance, and the ROG Zephyrus is one of the slimmest, lightweight, and beautiful gaming laptops that have ever existed. 

Laptop prices

Laptop-pricesLike most other laptop brands, ASUS also offers its laptops with a wide range of prices for all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter if you are low on budget, and even on the lower side of the price range, you’ll still get a laptop that has a high-quality construction with a beautiful look. This is another plus point of ASUS that it doesn’t empty your pocket and still provides an excellent machine that meets your requirements. Furthermore, as we move to the higher side of the price range, ASUS has manufactured some incredibly impressive and powerful high-end laptops.

If we compare ASUS to other brands, you will notice that even at lower prices, ASUS doesn’t drop the quality of its machines, unlike some other laptop brands. 


The innovative ideas of ASUS are another thing that this brand is famous for. Even though introducing some new technology could be risky, but ASUS isn’t too scared to try. Furthermore, this brand keeps inspiring us with its innovative designs and impressive features. ASUS’s ZenBook Pro and ROG Zephyrus are examples of these new and innovative experiences that were met with tremendous success and received awards for their excellence as well. Additionally, ASUS is also experimenting with dual-screen laptops, and the project is known as Project Precog. 

ASUS is known for making bold statements and standing out due to its innovativeness and uniqueness. ASUS also launched its new ZenBook S13 (UX392FN) that is the slimmest laptop in the market with a beautiful design and discrete graphics. 

Awards and achievements

AwardsASUS has been at the top of the list so many times and for so many reasons, and it has won around 1800 awards for its innovativeness and producing high-standard machines.

ASUS ZenBook S was awarded as the Best Choice of the Year, and ASUS’s ROG series of laptops has also received multiple awards. Additionally, in 29019, ASUS received six awards for the best choice and 11 awards from the Computex awards for their design and innovation. Furthermore, ZenBook, VivoBook, ROG Zephyrus, ROG Strix series, and ASUS mini were awarded winners for their performance.

Are ASUS laptops good for gaming?

ASUS-laptops-good-for-gamingASUS laptops are famous for gaming and one of the top choices of hardcore gamers. With powerful equipment, beautiful designs, and high-resolution displays, ASUS gaming laptops easily meet the requirements of most gamers. Furthermore, ASUS laptops are sleek and lightweight to ensure convenient portability, and most of them offer excellent battery life, and hence, are the first choice of most gamers. ASUS laptops feature powerful graphic card and speakers that ensure a thrilling and exciting visual and audio experience for the gamers.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX laptop is a powerful gaming machine with a sleek design that features a 24 GB RAM and 15.6 inches of full HD display that delivers high-resolution graphics. Additionally, its cooling system is quite impressive, and the fan prevents the system from overheating without making any noise.

Are ASUS laptops good for business/school?

laptops-good-for-business-schoolASUS manufactures laptops for all kinds of users, including work, entertainment, and gaming. If you can determine your requirements that you need in a laptop, you can definitely find a good ASUS laptop that can help you with your business tasks. Additionally, the lightweight of ASUS laptops makes it easier for users to take them wherever they go without any hassle. Most of the laptops are designed for heavy-duty usage, and therefore, can be used for bigger and heavier tasks, such as engineering. Furthermore, ASUS also manufactures laptops for entertainment purposes that are not very expensive, yet feature everything that you could possibly need in a laptop. 

If you are looking for a business laptop, ROG notebooks and Chromebooks should be your go-to options. Additionally, ASUS P Series P2540UA-AB51 Business Standard Laptop is an ideal business laptop designed and manufactured by ASUS. This powerful laptop features an 8 GB RAM with a 15.6-inch anti-glare screen. Furthermore, it also offers an excellent battery life of 9 hours, which saves you from carrying your charger around.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, ASUS has been manufacturing some amazing laptops overall, and we can’t deny that this brand doesn’t compromise on its quality even if you are purchasing the cheaper models of laptops. Additionally, the bold statements and innovativeness of ASUS have really helped them bring amazing features for its users. Therefore, I would totally recommend investing in a good ASUS laptop, whether you are a businessman, a student, or just looking for entertainment equipment.