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Apple’s MacBook Air with M1 Chipset: Pros, cons, and everything in between

Apple recently launched a new version of its flagship product, the MacBook Air with M1 chipset. It promises you a powerful battery along with several other stunning features. Apple’s MacBook laptops are already popular among Apple users due to their advanced features and smooth functioning. And with M1, Apple has taken up its flagship product to a whole new level. 

With laptops, especially those that run on iOS come with certain limitations. You cannot use it the way you can use a heavy-duty Windows computer. However, with M1, Apple has truly made a laptop that is as versatile and multifunctional as a conventional Windows PC.

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Key Specifications of MacBook Air with M1

Display Retina display with 2560×1600 resolution and true tone technology
Chip 16-core Neural Engine
Battery 15 hours of playback
Charg­ing DisplayPort

Thunderbolt 3 

USB 4 

USB 3.1 

Memory Expandable up to 16GB
Storage 256GB and 512GB
Key­board Backlit Magic Keyboard
Track­pad Force Touch
Security Touch ID
Wireless Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0
Camera 720p
Video Support 6K resolution
Audio Dolby Atmos

Wide stereo

3.5 mm jack

Weight 1.29 kg

Built Quality 

The body of MacBook Air is sleek and the makers have kept the bezels narrow for a more immersive viewing experience. It is a great laptop for multitasking and the 16GB memory and 4K video quality is what compels the users to invest in a device like M1.


And with more and more people working from home ever since the pandemic outbreak last year, this is a great laptop to use at home for work or studying online. Students, remote workers, and freelancers can benefit from a laptop like MacBook Air. It comes with nearly all apps that you need to work from home.

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MacBook Air looks just like its previous version which was launched last year. However, this one is more versatile and has been designed keeping in mind the needs of remote workers and students. Moreover, it works equally well for gaming and editing. 

Processing power of MacBook Air

Coming to the processing power of MacBook Air, it comes with Apple’s iconic M1 chipset. The overall body is lightweight and travel friendly. It comes with a matte aluminum casing. The magic keyboard is better than the latest design that Apple recently came up with. 


Instead of a conventional trackpad, MacBook Air comes with a force touch trackpad which is a refreshing change. For security, there is a smart ID sensor that works with the power key.

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The display is crisp and stunning. It is perfect for light browsing and everyday computing tasks. But, at the same time, it is capable of doing more complex tasks. Therefore, this laptop has something for everyone. 


From gamers to freelancers, editors, and students, this is a multifunctional laptop for everyday use. Its retina display is what gives you crisp visuals every time you play a game on your laptop. 

Due to the thin-bezel design and wide 13-inch screen size, you get an HD display. The built-in speakers work pretty well. However, they are not as powerful as one expects from an Apple laptop. 


As of now, MacBook Air is one of the most expensive laptops of Apple that comes under its premium laptop range. And therefore, the average audio quality is a major let down for those who want to use it for watching videos and movies online. 

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Coming to the USB ports, it comes with two type C ports which again is a problematic area where Apple needs to improve. The 720p built-in camera is what impressed us. For Zoom, Skype and meetings, it works well. The bezels, however, could be narrower. 


MacBook Air works with nearly all kinds of online apps. For Intel apps, you need to Rosetta 2. Apple has announced to bring all app on a single platform in near future. However, until then, we have to use Rosetta 2 for using Intel apps. 

Pros and Cons of MacBook Air M1 Chipset

This time around, Apple has surprised us by taking a break from Intel systems. It has designed its own set of processors which is called M1. It has used the same chip in all its laptops that were launched at the end of 2022.  

Similarly, it is also using a new chip for its tablets and smartphones. It is a multifunctional chipset that streamlines all core elements of a computer into one. However, it still needs further development and it is expected to through several transformations in near future. 

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MacBook Air Cores

MacBook Air comes with as high as 16 cores for multi-tasking. In an Apple-based ecosystem, M1 is expected to work exceptionally well. It is expected to blow up even more in near future. And when different elements of a laptop are unified, you get better coordination between different elements such as the speed, performance, battery, and graphics of your laptop. 

Final Word

As of now, MacBook Air is available in two different variants. These are high-end laptops and therefore, their price is on the higher side. However, its compatibility with older versions of MacBook and those features that have been introduced with this model such as the m1 chipset is what is considered as the USP of this laptop.