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Acer Swift 3X: Is this the one? Reviews | Specs | Buying Guides

Acer Swift 3X: Is this the one?

Nearly all the laptops that have been launched recently are super-thin and this time, we are reviewing Acer’s Swift 3X. 

Being a super sleek laptop with Windows OS, much attention is given to the compact design of the laptop. It comes with Intel’s latest-gen processors along with a powerful GPU. 

The powerful battery is a key feature alongside plenty of options for wireless connectivity. The first time you will take out the laptop from its box, you will be surprised how thin this machine is. 

It weighs less than 1.4 kg but you hardly feel any weight when carrying the laptop. The bezels are also super thin and you hardly789  notice them on the laptop’s display.

Built Quality 

The hinges of this laptop are built at an angle which helps to lift the laptop from the bottom. This helps you type more smoothly. 

Apart from that, there are tiny openings in the base which works as cooling vents. The keyboard is very small and the keys are too shallow. It would have been much better if the keys were slightly large and deep. 

Moreover, there isn’t enough space given between the keys of the laptop. Its trackpad, however, is wide and responsive. 

It isn’t a glass one but does the job quite well. Moreover,  you also get a smart sensor for added security.

Display and GPU

The display is a wide 14″ IPS display but some may feel it to be too bright, especially when using the laptop indoors

The main selling point of this laptop is its GPU. It’s a standard GPU that’s primarily made for 1080p viewing. As a result, what you get out of the GPU are high framerates. 

The unique amalgamation of the GPU and processor used in this laptop helps to speed up nearly all your computing tasks including streaming of videos in 4K. 

Although this is not a hardcore gaming laptop it at 1080p, you can play casual games or regular ones at low or medium settings. 

The system would hardly lag or slow down but still, it’s not a typical gaming laptop and you should keep that in mind when using it for games. 

Games that aren’t too heavy in terms of graphics are a delight to play on this laptop. However, as mentioned above, it is recommended to play it at low settings.


Coming to the built-in features of Acer Swift 3x, you get speakers at the base of the laptop and a built-in webcam at the top. 

The webcam is perfect for making video calls online through skype or doing live streams.  For wireless connectivity, you get Wi-Fi 6 alongside Bluetooth 5.1. 

Apart from that, the keyboard is backlit but isn’t RGB. But the fingerprint security scanner is quite fast and responsive. 

The cooling system may not be the best, but it does its job very well. It does get a bit warm from the base during heavy workloads but the cooling vents cool down the system very easily.

The cooling fans also are a bit noisy but only during heavy workloads. Other than that, they hardly make any sounds while cooling off the system. 


It has Windows 10 as its base operating system and has several default apps that you get to see in the majority of Acer apps like the support Centre. 

It allows users to monitor their firmware. The battery life also works pretty well and it lasts for a day with moderate level usage. 

The system hardly ever hangs even when handling heavy workloads. The visuals are also crisp and look the same from all angles. 

The sound quality, however, isn’t the same. It isn’t too loud even on the highest volume levels. Therefore, you might need to use a pair of headsets if you want more bass in the audio. 

However, if you are working in a quiet environment, then you won’t need to wear a pair of headphones and the highest volume will be good enough for listening to songs or watching movies online.

Memory and storage 

Overall, this laptop is made to handle heavy workloads seamlessly. Moving on to the processor of this laptop, it runs on the latest Intel core processor with 16GB RAM and 512 SSD. 

You can store all your data within the system and there is no need to upgrade the storage. Apart from that, you get 4GB of memory.

Connectivity options 

Coming to the exterior of the laptop, it is made of metal instead of plastic which makes the body sturdy and durable. 

For connectivity, this laptop offers plenty of USB ports. It features a single HDMI, a set of USB 3.0 ports, one headphone jack, a single Type C, and thunderbolt 4. 

The Thunderbolt 4 allows users to view 4K display. The only downside is the unavailability of a memory card slot. It would have been better if it came with a separate slot for SD cards.


Coming to portability and its performance outdoors, you can easily use it while traveling. The makers claim the battery to last for over 10 hours. 

Although, it can last that long but only if you use it for light everyday computing tasks. For slightly heavy workloads, it won’t last more than 7-8 hours.  

Final Verdict

Overall, this is one of the best laptops of 2021 so far. It is not meant for pro-gaming but is a good option for everyday computing. 

If you want, you can also use it for editing, as it comes with a powerful GPU and processor. 

Apart from that, you get enough storage space to store all your important data and install heavy apps and programs within the system. 

The battery lasts for nearly a day and you won’t need to carry any external power source to charge the battery. 

Moreover, the body is super thin and you can easily carry it in your backpack. The display is crisp and supports viewing videos in 4K resolution.

So, far there are no noticeable flaws or drawbacks as this laptop works exceptionally well. Of course, there is still the possibility of an upgrade but it doesn’t seem to happen any time soon. And till then, don’t  forget to check out other amazing laptops we have covered for you in this section.